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The Redskins Are On The Clock

After you slotted Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck to the Indianapolis Colts with the first overall pick in our annual Fan Mock Draft, it's time to move on to the second overall pick, currently owned by the Washington Redskins.

And really, there isn't any choice as to who the selection will be here. The Redskins signaled their interest in Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin by moving up ahead of time to the second pick from the sixth pick by sending their first- and second-round picks this year and their first round pick in each of 2013 and 2014.

The Redskins said at the time that they had "fallen in love" with two players at the top of the draft, with a strong insinuation that Luck and Griffin were those two players. For a franchise that has been searching for a permanent answer to the quarterback position for a long time, Griffin appears to be the perfect match for the Redskins. So no sense in delaying the inevitable, let us know who you think the Redskins will select with the second overall pick.

Tomorrow, things will start to get interesting as the Minnesota Vikings hit the clock for the third overall pick.

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