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The Latest On McNabb Trade Talks

While there was no real update on any trade talks involving any of the Eagles quarterbacks on Thursday, there was no shortage of opinion and speculation and aftermath.

First, there was St. Louis Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo, who denied reports that his team is close to a deal for Donovan McNabb.

"There's nothing to that," Spagnuolo said while visiting the Cardinals spring training camp. "At this time of the year, there are going to be all kinds of things. But no, there's nothing there."

Meanwhile,'s Jason La Canfora, says the Raiders are "in heaviest pursuit."

Writes La Canfora: "League sources told me that several teams are actively pursuing Eagles QB Donovan McNabb. A source with knowledge of the situation said McNabb was being pursued by 'some teams that would surprise you, and some you would expect.'

"League sources indicated Oakland, Buffalo and Arizona as suitors for McNabb's services. Several executives on other clubs pointed to the Raiders as the team in heaviest pursuit.

"There is a strong expectation in the NFL and agent community that a deal could be completed in the near future, given the level of interest, and McNabb is by far the most likely Eagles QB to be dealt."

Finally,'s Clark Judge believes the time is right to deal McNabb and start the Kevin Kolb era.

Writes Judge: "So, essentially, the choice is this: You take one more year with McNabb in Philadelphia or a trade that yields draft choices to carry you through the next five to 10 seasons and a new start with Kolb. Read the tea leaves, people. The time is right to make a move.

"McNabb has had a wonderful career with the Eagles, and I wouldn't blame Reid or anyone else with that club for standing by him. He has been good to and for the franchise, and he's one of the game's most successful and reliable quarterbacks.

But the quarterback of the future, Kolb, is waiting in the wings, and what's the point of sitting him another season when you only have a year left with McNabb anyway? There's only one: If you honestly think you're this close to the top, you keep him and hope you were right."

-- Posted by Bob Kent, 5:48 p.m., March 25

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