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TE Myers Catching On With Eagles

Despite the recent chatter that the Eagles might be looking to upgrade their depth at the tight end position, offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg says that he's quite happy with the group he has in place. One of the reasons Mornhinweg feels so comfortable with the group is the play of rookie Rob Myers, who the team signed during training camp.

"(Myers) has shown some signs that he might be able to compete to make this football team and then possibly help it," Mornhinweg said. "I think we're in pretty good shape."

Myers had four receptions for 44 yards against the Colts and has proven to be a factor in the passing game.

"He does run and catch the ball very well," Mornhinweg said, "And that's one of his strengths."

But for Myers to a real factor for the Eagles, he needs to prove he can hold up as a blocker.

"He's working very hard at the on-the-line techniques," Mornhinweg said. "He's right in the middle of working that and he's doing it the way we want it done there on the line of scrimmage."

Myers is comfortable with the impression he's made as an Eagle so far, and says he's getting better as a blocker every day.

"It's going well," Myers said. "Blocking is just an attitude thing, you just have to bring an attitude, it doesn't really matter how big you are."

The Utah State product is listed as 6-3, 243 pounds.

"I'm kind of going back to basics," he said. "The steps, the angles you take, and you know blocking is all about leverage.

"I'm just trying to work on those little things, and the rest will come."

Myers said he's felt good in this offense from the start.

"Coming in here I actually felt pretty comfortable," he said. "I started picking stuff up really quickly as far as just the base of the offense.

"Now, I go in there and I can just play football."

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 3:29 p.m., August 23

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