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TE Jermaine Gresham Scouting Report

TE Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma
Pos. Rank: 1 Grade: 1st-2nd Round Height: 6-5 1/2 Weight: 261 40: 4.66 Year: 4-Sr.

The Good: Gifted pass-catching tight end with a large degree of upside. Big-bodied athlete who effortlessly moves about the field, gets downfield then creates mismatches in the secondary. Gets vertical, makes a lot of athletic receptions and consistently comes away with the catch in a crowd. Runs solid routes, nicely adjusts to the errant throw, and looks the ball into his hands. Effectively extends to make the reception away from his frame.

The Bad: Displays minimal blocking strength and gets pushed back into the pocket. Displays marginal blocking intensity. Loses his focus, concentration, and unnecessarily lets the pass get inside him or drops some catchable throws.

The Verdict: Gresham is a fluid tight end and at times looks like a big-bodied possession receiver on the field. He constantly demands attention by the opposition because of his ability to create mismatches in the secondary or break games open. He needs a lot of work on the details of his position yet Gresham possesses starting potential for the next level.

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