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TE Casey Comes Up Big

Tight end James Casey expected to play a lot when he signed with the Eagles as an unrestricted free agent in March. His playing time has been limited, though, given the emergence of Zach Ertz, the team's second-round draft pick.

Casey, though, came through on Sunday. With 6:24 remaining in the game and the offense on the field facing a third-and-7 play, Casey got the call. Quarterback Nick Foles completed a screen pass to Casey, who gained 8 yards on the play and kept the drive going. The Eagles gained four more first downs on the drive to end the game.

"It felt awesome to get out there at a crucial moment in the game and to get an opportunity," said Casey, who has seen his game repetitions increase on special teams, at fullback and tight end. "Coach (Chip) Kelly and the coaches designed a great play and called it at the perfect time. The Packers were blitzing on that play and to call a screen worked. I probably left a lot of yards out there, but I was so focused on getting the first down and that's all that mattered to me."

Casey has three catches for 31 yards this season.

"I always want to play and contribute any way I can," said Casey. "I'm playing every single special teams, and I'm getting some reps and playing well, I think. Winning is the important thing here."

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