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We're officially a week away from the opening of the 2012 season. In seven days, the Eagles will return to Cleveland for a Week 1 matchup with the Browns. Until then, here's your daily roundup for Sunday, September 2 ...

Meet the newest Eagle, offensive lineman Nate Menkin.

The focus now, Dave Spadaro says, is on beating the Browns.

Other Views

The Eagles have one of the yougest rosters in the league, and Howie Roseman knows it.

Steve Young has some advice for Michael Vick.

Four players released by the Eagles already have new jobs.

Familiarize yourself with the Browns and check out their 53-man roster.

Jon Gruden picks the Eagles as his Super Bowl champion.

How did David Sims![](/team/roster/david-sims/20c7f6b2-b6db-4820-88f5-9a8e0237fb17/ "David Sims") wind up with the Eagles?

The Eagles, on average, are the second youngest team in the league.

How do the pieces fit on offense and defense?

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