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Stylish Smitty: What goes into DeVonta Smith's love for fashion? 

DeVonta Smith repping one of his favorite suits.
DeVonta Smith repping one of his favorite suits.

Sporting a simple pressed white T-shirt and black Houston Astros hat, wide receiver DeVonta Smith put pen to paper on a three-year contract extension at the NovaCare Complex on Tuesday afternoon. It was a casual look for Smith, who goes above and beyond when it comes to gameday fashion, usually with a suit.

"That's the way I express myself," Smith said. "I go about my business, so putting a suit on makes you feel like you're doing something very important; you're going to handle some business."

His love for fashion started at Amite High School in Louisiana. Smith and his teammates on the football team had to wear a shirt and tie to every game. While many didn't like the rule, he embraced it.

That tradition continued at the University of Alabama. Former 'Bama Head Coach Nick Saban instituted a policy well before Smith stepped foot on campus where his players had to wear suits on gamedays.

From wearing ties in high school and suits in college, Smith "kept on going with it" when he got to the NFL.

The 25-year-old has been seeing the same clothing stylist, Brian Lunsford, since college. Lunsford, known as a haberdasher or a men's clothing dealer, launched his custom suiting and clothing company in Washington, D.C. in 2016. Smith was introduced to Lunsford by his college wide receiver coach, Holmon Wiggins, who is a native of the nation's capital.

"We have similar body types, so he knew exactly how I wanted the suits to fit and stuff like that," said Smith in a recent interview with GQ Sports. "He just made it easy for me. I trusted him from the beginning. If Coach (Wiggins) is rocking with you then I know I'm good!"

The receiver has had many stand-out outfits during his first three seasons with the Eagles, but his favorite looks have always included a fedora.


Smith prides himself on being the best-dressed Eagle, but per the wide receiver, quarterback Jalen Hurts is not far behind. Hurts also had to abide by Saban's strict gameday dress code when he was at Alabama.

"He likes wearing suits and things like that," Smith said. "He is about his business. That's the excitement about wearing suits. It has stuck with us since college."

Smith noted that others in the locker room have picked up their game after seeing the fashion sense that their teammate has.

How does he choose what he wears every gameday?

"It depends on how I'm feeling," Smith said. "Some days, I just want to be comfortable. It also depends on the time of the game. If it's a Monday night game or a primetime game, I'm probably going to have a suit on."

Smith isn't afraid to "step outside the box" when looking for outfit inspiration. He tends to scroll social media for ideas, but loves to come up with his own most of the time.

Even before signing his contract extension, he had plans to add to his wardrobe and elevate his fashion game going into the 2024 season.

"You are going to see that regardless," Smith said.

Known as one of the best receivers in the NFL, DeVonta Smith also boasts an elite fashion sense. Check out some of his best outfits from his first three seasons as an Eagle!

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