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Stadium Revitalization: Nine Days Away


With the Stadium Revitalization Project complete, here is an infographic look at the new Lincoln Financial Field ...

With only nine days before the Eagles' home preseason opener, it will be the first opportunity for fans to fully enjoy Lincoln Financial Field in a game setting following the two-year Stadium Revitalization Project. As we count down the days before the showdown with the Pittsburgh Steelers, we will feature a different aspect of the project. Today, we feature the bridges that will help bring fans together ...

Bridges were constructed in the Southwest and Northeast corners that will allow fans in the upper concourse and the club level to easily walk from one side of the stadium to the other. The distance to walk from the home side to the visitor side along the upper concourse is 2,600 feet. There is one bridge - 380 square feet - that connects the Panasonic Club to the SCA Club level. Another bridge - 1,632 square feet - joins the West Level to the South Level in the upper concourse. One final bridge - 680 square feet - brings the HeadHouse Level to the Northeast Ramp at the 200 level.

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