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Spadaro: Nick Sirianni focuses on 1 major question

Nick Sirianni
Nick Sirianni

Head Coach Nick Sirianni met the media on Tuesday in a video press conference and emphasized that he believes in the coaching staff he has and that there are no plans to make major changes to the process.

"I feel good about the people we have in this building. We're 10-3 and in control of our destiny and we're going to keep rolling and finding answers with the people that we have," Sirianni said.

And that's that.

On to Seattle and continued work toward ending a two-game losing streak. Sirianni said he had "total confidence" in Defensive Coordinator Sean Desai and pointed to third downs as an area to improve on that side of the ball.

"We gotta coach 'em better. We gotta put 'em in better spots," Sirianni said. "We have to detail it out for them. We also got to execute better. I think that everybody is in on that. This is a team game. Team. You hear me all the time say, 'This is the greatest team sport there is.' Usually when I'm talking about that, I'm talking about the good things that happen. But it's also the truth when bad things are happening, too.

"To single one person out is not the right move here. It's, 'How do we get better as a team?' And we have to get better as a team, make no mistake about it."

Sirianni said, "It starts with me and then it goes to everybody else."

Losses to San Francisco and Dallas have put the Eagles at 10-3 with a game at Seattle, a home game on Christmas against the Giants, a home game on New Year's Eve against Arizona, and a road game at the Giants the following week to finish the regular season.

The emphasis here is to find a way to win in Seattle, and that begins with a fast start, something that has not been consistently there for the Eagles this season.

"We feel like we've just gotta do a better job of coaching and playing of starting faster and playing with a lead," Sirianni said. "Obviously, that's always been important to us. That's kind of how we're built and how we need to play."

Ball security has been an emphasis since Sirianni arrived and last season, in the 14-3 campaign, the Eagles were one of the best in the league with only 19 giveaways. The Eagles have 19 giveaways in 13 games and are a minus-4 in the giveaway/takeaway category, and as a comparison, Sirianni said, the Eagles were plus-14 at this time in 2022.

"Huge, huge, huge difference," Sirianni said.

The practice routine will remain the same – the Eagles work a ball security and takeaway circuit early in every practice, they work on situational football every Saturday in meetings, and they meet on Thursdays with the offensive skill players and Running Backs/Assistant Head Coach Jemal Singleton stressing what the team needs to work on in that category. Sirianni has full confidence that it's all going to fall into place for the Eagles.

That's what he believes and he's doubling down on his core values and has "not hit the panic button" when it comes to turnovers and, really, everything.

Monday night is the next challenge for the Eagles. The goal is to sweep up the mistakes, learn from them, and play clean, outstanding football and return to their winning ways.

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