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Schiano: Kelly Will Do An Excellent Job

INDIANAPOLIS -- A year ago, Greg Schiano made the transition from college head coach to NFL head coach. Schiano left Rutgers to take over as the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This year, Chip Kelly is doing the same thing in Philadelphia. Kelly had a successful four-year run as the head coach of the Oregon Ducks and is now the head coach of the Eagles.

When asked if he had any advice for Kelly, Schiano "first and foremost" thanked Kelly. Last year, Kelly turned down the Buccaneers to return to Oregon before Schiano was hired.

"My biggest advice would be to say, 'Thank you, Chip.' Had Chip not decided what he did last year, I wouldn't be standing here," Schiano said.

"I'm happy for Chip. He's going to do a great job. It's something that he's excited about doing there. We had a chance to visit a little bit at the Senior Bowl and he doesn't need any advice from me. He's going to do an excellent job."

Schiano did not draft any players from Rutgers last year, but did select two West Virginia players - linebacker Najee Goode and cornerback Keith Tandy - whom the Scarlet Knights played against. Schiano said that knowing the college game helped in gaining in-depth information on the players which is something Kelly will look to take advantage of this year.

"More importantly, knowing information, knowing backgrounds, so you could kind of cut to the chase on things," Schiano said.

"The other thing was the relationships I had with college head coaches. That's critical."

Schiano understood the perception that his emotional ties to Rutgers could influence the draft process. However, he said that would interfere with the team's goal of winning.

"I think the further I get away from being the head coach there and the more I'm in the position I'm in that's where it becomes a lot more easy not to be emotionally tied in any way," Schiano said.

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