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Sanchez Shoulders Blame For Defeat

Quarterback Mark Sanchez wasn't shy about taking ownership of the Eagles' 38-27 loss to the Cowboys in his postgame press conference. From the first answer to the last, the veteran quarterback was adamant that he expects more of himself.

"I'll be the first guy to say I'm just upset with myself," Sanchez said plainly.

"I can't commit two turnovers like that. I didn't play well enough to win, and that's why we lost."

Sanchez completed 17 of 28 passes for 252 yards, but he also threw two interceptions in the second half. His second came in high-pressure crunch time late in the fourth quarter, while his first came on a crucial drive on a ball that bounced off of tight end Zach Ertz's outstretched hand.

There were reasons for both interceptions, and responsibility to be spread. But Sanchez stepped up and put the turnovers on his shoulders.

"It wasn't some amazing play," Sanchez explained. "The safety's diving for the ball, but that ball's got to be right on the six of Ertz. He's running from my left to right, and that ball's got to be right on the six. It opened up perfect. It was a great call, great execution, except for the throw. So it's unacceptable.

"I'm better than that."

Before the two turnovers, Sanchez led the Eagles' offense on a pair of highly efficient drives down the field to rope the team back into what was once a 21-0 deficit. He completed important passes, both short and long, and helped the offense close the gap one score at a time.

But the turnovers came at crucial junctions in the game, and those missed opportunities came back to bite the quarterback and his team in the end.

"I think we just really let some opportunities slip, and it's unfortunate," Sanchez said. "We just gave away some great opportunities. That's the bottom line. We had some things open that we missed, and we just got too far behind."

However hard on himself he was after Sunday's loss, Sanchez said he and his teammates aren't going to be feeling sorry for themselves. After the game, the quarterback explained, head coach Chip Kelly told the team that they can't have an, "Oh woe is me" attitude. They can't beat themselves up over one loss when another game is right around the corner.

"We've just got to bounce back," Sanchez asserted. "Get this taste out of our mouth as soon as possible, as in tonight, and get in there, get in the film room, shake it off and move on. Because I know we have so much talent on this team, and it would be a real shame if we didn't maximize it and get these next couple of wins. But it starts with next week.

"I need to clean up some mistakes and attack this thing like I do every week. That's with a positive attitude, learning from the previous week, learning from this game and being ready to play."

It's Sunday night and the biggest game in the NFL is the Cowboys-Eagles' showdown for first place in the NFC East ...

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