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S Prosinski Settling In With Eagles

Chris Prosinski's locker is, compared to those of his teammates, a tidy space. On Thursday, the stall in the middle of the Eagles' locker room housed a gray pair of Nike Air Jordans and, on a higher shelf, his car keys. He hasn't been with the team long enough to have clutter.

For two weeks, Prosinski had two lockers to himself, before the Eagles signed cornerback Roc Carmichael and the returning Eagle became his locker mate.

But besides that minor inconvenience, Prosinski is a happy man as the Eagles prepare for the Tennessee Titans this Sunday, and it's hard to blame him.

Prosinski began the season as a Jacksonville Jaguar, facing off against the Eagles in Week 1, a game the good guys won 34-17. Then, later in September, the Jaguars released Prosinski.

When Prosinski was signed by the Eagles on November 3, after linebacker DeMeco Ryans went down with an injury, the 27-year-old safety had gone from playing for one of the least successful teams in the NFL, to being a free agent, to being a role player on a team competing for a division title and a playoff spot.

It has been quite the change for Prosinski, and he said Wednesday that he's loved every minute of it.

"The thing about here is there's a different mentality, as far as guys coming to work every day," Prosinski explained. "It's business, but you have fun doing it. I don't know, but I'm guessing some other locker rooms are not like that, where you can get up every day and be excited to come to work.

"It just makes it easier to come to work every day; you know the guys around you, and you know what you're going to get every day with everybody working for the same goal. So that's fun, and it's something I hadn't really been around before, so I'm enjoying that."

And now, with safety Earl Wolff on injured reserve with a knee injury, Prosinski becomes one of a few candidates for playing time on defense. If another Eagles safety were to exit a game, even just for a few plays, Prosinski just might find himself on the field in defensive coordinator Bill Davis's scheme.

Prosinski said that he's still coming along in terms of being all the way prepared and understanding the Eagles' entire defense.

"As far as concepts, they say the NFL is a copycat league, so there's similar concepts [to Jacksonville]," Prosinski said. "But there arethings that I never have done that they do in this defense, that I've never done in my career.

"The biggest thing for me is just trying to learn the terminology and get those calls out; especially in practices with the tempo that you go, you really have to process information at a high level."

The fourth-year safety out of the University of Wyoming said he thinks he would be fine in a game scenario, in large part because the Eagles' defense talks so much on the field. Prosinski also gave lots of credit to starting safeties Malcolm Jenkins and Nate Allen, whom he said have taught him a lot and helped his development in his short time with the team.

"When you're out there with guys, you talk a lot. So you can talk through things, and it's going to slow down some," Prosinski said. "I feel comfortable with our scheme and the guys that I would be out there with.

"Hopefully there are no injuries and hopefully you don't have to go through that, but if it does come, I'll be ready."

As far as his level of comfort in the defense, and with the team itself, Prosinski said Thursday was his best day since joining the team 17 days before.

"Today was probably my best day as far as feeling comfortable processing calls," he explained. "It's coming, day by day, and it's something I've just got to build on, keep working at, and spend a lot of time watching film, and we can go from there."

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