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Rushing Attack Flourishes In Victory


EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. - As of late, the Eagles have struggled to formulate any type of substantial run game. They generated only 45 yards on the ground against Washington last weekend, but that trend did not continue Sunday afternoon at MetLife Stadium.

DeMarco Murray helped get things started quickly, rushing for 54 yards on the fifth play of the game and taking it to the house for six. With quarterback Sam Bradford under center and Murray set up deep in the backfield, the running back took the ball, found his hole and took off running.

"I think this is the most we've worked on it throughout the course of the week," Murray said of that specific play. "Everyone had a good feel for it. The offensive line obviously did a great job blocking and I felt like I was able to get used to it. I've always talked to (interim head coach Pat) Shurmur and we've always had a good relationship about certain run plays."

Rushing from under center is something Murray found a great deal of success with in Dallas, and it was key to the touchdown run that opened the scoring. In fact, that play kicked off the successful afternoon, one in which the Eagles would accumulate 120 yards on the ground.

Murray finished the game with 69 yards on 12 carries, enough for a 5.8 yards per carry average. Darren Sproles also contributed heavily to the success of the run game, rushing for 24 yards and a touchdown on just three carries.

All around, things were clicking in that facet of the matchup on Sunday.

"We knew we needed to run the ball and I think starting off with DeMarco's run, it really gave us energy to continue throughout the whole game," said tackle Lane Johnson.

As a whole, Murray credited the week of practice leading up to Sunday for his sixth rushing touchdown of the year. Clearly the past few days have been far from the norm for the Eagles, but by staying focused, the team was able to accomplish one final win and end 2015 on a better note.

"We just worked on it. We were able to work on it and guys were getting a feel," Murray explained. "We ran inside zone and outside zone. Obviously when you work on plays throughout the course of the week, you get reps and feel more comfortable on Sundays.

"I think all week long we were able to work on certain things and I think the biggest thing for us was leverage. We weren't out-leveraged on that play."

Throughout the entirety of the season, Murray and the running back rotation knew there were many mistakes made. No one had a standout year, but Sunday's performance against the Giants can give the group something to build on when looking ahead at what is to come in 2016.

"Obviously, I wasn't perfect this year," Murray said. "I have to continue to try to do the little things right and things of that nature. I thought Shurmur had a great game plan. I thought we were able to work on the things during the week that we were able to call on Sunday.

"We just have to learn from the mistakes from this past season. Obviously, it wasn't what anyone wished for or thought of. You've got to reflect on it and just (get) a lot hungrier."

The Eagles traveled to New York to face the Giants in their final game of the 2015 season. View the full gallery here...

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