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Roseman Q&A On Draft + More

In addition to his thoughts on the state of the Eagles posted above, general manager Howie Roseman talked to about a variety of topics relating to this year's draft, including which areas he believes are strong in this year's draft. Read on for more …

What is your day-do-day like here at the Senior Bowl?: "Well it's all about the players here and finding out as much as possible as we can on the players and adding to our surplus of information that we've had. We've been following these guys sometimes for two to three years and then we get an opportunity to see them in this environment against good competition and get a chance to spend a couple minutes with them at night, ask them some questions and it leads into the Combine and the whole draft process."

What do you hope to learn from those interviews?: "Well we ask them a variety of questions, some personal, some professional, some basically about where they come from. Maybe they had some instance in college or before that that we'll try to get to the bottom of, but we're really diving deeper as we get through the process. It's the first stage of what is a long process and an exciting process for us in the jobs and roles we have as well as for Eagles fans."

Are some positions easier to evaluate here than others?: "No doubt. And the other thing about it is, for some of us, I went to a number of schools in the fall, but some of these guys I haven't seen live yet. So you have this impression of what they look like physically and you go, 'Wow that's a big guy' or 'He's a little smaller than I thought.' And then you see them in good competition in one-on-one drills, O-line (versus) D-linemen, corners (against) receivers, inside run drills. All the things that you go through at practice, that we'll go through here when we bring them to Philadelphia, the guys that we bring to Philadelphia."

When you were beginning as a scout, were there positions you had a better feel for than others? Is that still the case?: "No question, and I think one of the things that we do as a scouting staff is look back at the positions that we've graded and try to find strengths. So we try to put our cross-checkers on strong positions that they've shown an affinity for drafting in the past. It's the same with me, there are certain positions that I feel like I have a better track record than others and I'll kind of rely on the guys that I feel strong about if there's a little bit of an area of gray in terms of my kind of track record on it."

What are the strengths of this year's draft?: "I think obviously at the top it's a strong draft. As you get through it, there are certain positions that have more depth than others. The wide receiver position throughout the draft is going to be a strong one, but that's always the case. Same thing with the running back class, it's a strong running back class. I don't think there's as much depth on the defensive line throughout the draft as there was a couple of years ago, I think it's kind of a similar situation to last year. Those guys, they go quick, so if you want one, you have to get them early."

Will there be elite talent available at No. 15 overall?: "No doubt. Fifteenth pick in the draft, obviously we don't want to be picking 15th, but because we're picking 15th, we'll get a really good player."

Each of your first- and second-round picks over the last two drafts have been Senior Bowl standouts, does that speak to the importance of the Senior Bowl or simply the level of talent here?: "I think it's a coincidence that we're drafting guys in the first and second round who came to the Senior Bowl in some ways, just in terms of their performance in the Senior Bowl is part of the process but it's not going to take precedent over their track record - how many years they've started, their production on the field, everything about the player. When they have a good showing at the Senior Bowl, that just adds to their portfolio. But it is an important part of it. The whole draft process, we talk about it coming together and putting it all together, if we can check off each specific area, that makes you feel stronger about any guy."

How important is the Senior Bowl game itself?: "Well I think it's another part of the evaluation process. You get the practice, you see the guys in this atmosphere in this environment, and then you want to see them play at a high level. You just want to make sure that you take it all with the appropriate amount of a grain of salt because obviously they haven't played in these games with these coaches and these players and they've been off for, some of them, for a month."

Does the fact that the Giants are in the Super Bowl serve as extra motivation?: "I'm not big into what could have been. To me, we want to fix what we can. The reality is we we're in the playoffs and we have to get better and I have to do a better job because it's not good enough how we finished. I can't spend too much time thinking about who it is, because whoever's going to be in the Super Bowl, whoever's still playing, that's going to hurt because we're not where we want to be. Obviously if you look into it, a team in our division, a team that we're competing with every year, we want to be better than them. So it's a barometer. We're not where we need to be and we need to do a better job in terms of things that we can control and that's trying to add more players to our team and get them better."

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