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Road Warriors: Randall's Influence Still Strong


Eagles Nation can be found everywhere and Friday night was no exception in Foxboro, Mass. Let's meet some of the Road Warriors who sing Fly, Eagles Fly wherever the team goes ...

Eagles Nation ID: Josh Stark

Eagles Nest: Holyoke, Mass.

Bleeding Green Since: "Sixteen, seventeen years now. When I was 5, I went to Eagles-Redskins at Veterans Stadium during a visit to Philadelphia, and started from there."

Brotherly Love: "I went back to Philadelphia when I was 15, and this is my first time seeing the Eagles in person since then. We went to the joint practice too, and my kid got a pic with Lane Johnson!"

Favorite Eagle: Brent Celek - "He's been with the team so long, since the Westbrook and McNabb years."

Preseason Expectation: "Zach Ertz is going to have a huge season this year. He's a different type of tight end than Brent. Ertz focuses on catches. He's going to be the next Jimmy Graham."

Favorite Eagles Moment: "Most memorable moment is obviously the Miracle walkoff punt return, but the BEST is last year's Detroit game. (Eight) inches of snow fell in 30 minutes and the comeback was awesome."

Most Exciting 2014 Showdown: "Colts, Week 2 on Monday Night Football. That'll be a preview of the future Super Bowl."


Eagles Nation ID: Matt Silverman

Eagles Nest: Westerly, R.I.

Bleeding Green Since: "Since I was about 8, so 26 years now. My stepdad watched the Giants a lot, but I fell in love with how (Randall) Cunningham played. The first game I remember was Fog Bowl. As for my son, he had no choice!"

Favorite Eagles Moment: "The first game I saw them win in person was the Miracle at the New Meadowlands. I was in opposite end zone from the final touchdown. You could hear a pin drop in that stadium, followed by Eagles fans cheering and bottles breaking from Giants fans on their way out."

Brotherly Love: "I've seen the Eagles in Foxboro and New York, and we went to Philly for last year's Redskins game."

Most Exciting 2014 Showdown: "Seattle because we're making the road trip and it should be a good game. Hopefully they can't stop our run game."

Preseason Expectation: "Most excited to see (Nick) Foles look like the Foles from last year and check out DeSean's (Jackson) replacements. The key is (Jeremy) Maclin and if he stays healthy."

Favorite Eagle: "Shady! LeSean McCoy's the best player on the team and in the league, and he's the most exciting to watch. (Brian) Westbrook is my favorite Eagle of all time, and Shady is a close second."

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