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Road Warriors: First In Line For Joint Practice

Eagles Nation is everywhere and the Patriots' record for practice attendance would not have been possible without a splash of midnight green.

Eagles Nation ID: Erik Drew

Eagles Nest: Northbridge, Mass.

Bleeding Green Since: "My entire life. I have an uncle who's an Eagles fan. My mom even has a pic of me at age 3 in a McNabb jersey."

Brotherly Love: "I used to go to training camp at Lehigh as a kid, but I haven't seen the Eagles live in years. Tuesday was the only day I could come see my Birds, I'm going back to Ole Miss on Wednesday." Drew arrived at Gillette Stadium at 6 AM to be the first person out of 25,317 fans at the joint practice.

Preseason Expectation: "I'm excited to see my boy Brandon Boykin and Coach (Chip) Kelly, I've never seen him before. Joint practices are great because of the different matchups, we're not practicing against same old players."

Most Exciting 2014 Showdown: "Tough one. Well, beating Dallas, of course. I hate the Cowboys, Jerry Jones, Tony Romo ... everything about Dallas!"

Favorite Eagle: "I love (Nick) Foles and Boykin, but if I have to pick one, it's LeSean McCoy! I've liked him ever since we drafted him. I used to play RB in Pop Warner. He's the best in the league. I'm expecting 2,000 from McCoy like he's been tweeting and then once we win NFC East Champs, we'll go from there."

Favorite Eagles Moment: "It has to be Miracle at the New Meadowlands. I broke my TV at home celebrating the walkoff touchdown, that's something I'll never forget!"

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