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Reynolds Wraps Up Win Over Bills


With 1:23 left on the fourth-quarter clock, the Eagles maintained a slim 23-20 lead. Looking to at least get into field goal range, Tyrod Taylor took a shot deep down the right side. For safety Ed Reynolds, a player who has spent most of his time on the Eagles' practice squad since his arrival in 2014, Taylor's pass must have felt like it hung in the air forever.

Finally, Reynolds had a chance to make a big play for the Eagles' secondary, and he did, intercepting the pass to clinch the 23-20 victory.

"It felt great," Reynolds said afterwards. "As a defensive backfield, we pride ourselves in our ability to go get the ball."

A fifth-round draft pick out of Stanford in 2014, Reynolds spent all of his rookie season on the practice squad, and it looked like that could be the case again. But on November 20, Jerome Couplin was placed on Injured Reserve with a shoulder injury, and Reynolds got his chance.

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After joining the active roster, Reynolds worked himself onto the field, seeing time at safety when the Eagles went to their nickel defense. That's where Reynolds found himself on Sunday afternoon, making the victory-sealing play in front of his bench, much to the delight of the rest of his teammates and of Eagles fans far and wide.

"Getting a pick is huge," Reynolds said. "In that situation, we'd go for that scenario every week. We're out on the field and all we have to do is get the ball and get down.

"It's just always about preparation throughout the week and making sure that you put yourself in that situation multiple times before you actually get there. Just being around these guys, this whole defensive backfield, we have some veterans who have been there and done that and won Super Bowls. I just take from them all that I can and it allows me to make plays when they come my way."

Coming away with his first-career NFL interception is obviously a moment that Reynolds has thought about for a long time, but even when he found himself on the outside looking in at the Eagles' active roster, he never doubted that the day would come for him to step in and make a play.

"I didn't real try to think about that as much," Reynolds said. "Because if you get caught up in all of that, questioning yourself, questioning your abilities or whatever, then you really lose sight of what the main goal is, and that's actually getting out on the field and when your opportunity comes, take it head-on, which is what I'm trying to do every week."

Sunday was a milestone day for Reynolds, and a huge day for the Eagles overall as they stayed on pace with the Washington Redskins at 6-7. Now, the goal for Reynolds and the Eagles is to continue to take things one week at a time during the final three games of the regular season.

"We're taking every week as '1-0, 1-0' and trying to make it to the next week," Reynolds said. "It's good for us to keep this going. We'll celebrate this win and come back on Tuesday to get ready for Arizona."

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