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Report: Top 42 Pick Wanted For McNabb

According to an Associated Press report which surfaced Thursday night, teams interested in acquiring quarterback Donovan McNabb will have to part with a high draft pick to acquire him.

Citing a person familiar with trade discussions involving McNabb, but speaking on condition of anonymity, "the Philadelphia Eagles will only consider a deal for the six-time Pro Bowl quarterback if it includes a pick among the top 42 in next month's NFL draft."

While the Cardinals and Browns are among teams who recently declared "no interest" in McNabb, the AP reports that "Oakland, Buffalo and St. Louis are considered to be most interested in McNabb."

Each of those teams has two picks in the top 42.

The story reads: "It's unlikely any of those teams would give up a first-round pick for McNabb. The Rams have the first overall selection, the Raiders pick eighth and the Bills are ninth. In the second round, however, the Rams have the 33rd pick, Raiders are 39th and Bills are 41st."

Of course, Rams officials, including coach Steve Spagnuolo, denied a rumored deal that would have sent McNabb to St. Louis for the 33rd pick and safety Oshiomoghe Atogwe.

-- Posted by Bob Kent, 11:56 p.m., March 25

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