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Report: Monday Could Be The Big Day

ESPN's John Clayton has the full details, which includes a timetable that could have the new league year (including the signing of free agents) beginning next Saturday.

After a day of progress between the two sides, Clayton reports that the NFLPA's executive committee is expected to vote on Monday to recommend accepting a new Collective Bargaining Agreement and recertifying as a union. If everything goes as planned Monday, according to Clayton, the 32 team player representatives would also then recommend the new CBA and recertification.

Then, according to the report, some teams would open training camp as soon as Wednesday, while other could open Friday. Clayton writes that the hope is a newly recertified NFLPA by Friday, which would pave the way for a new league year. That new league year, according to Clayton, could open a 2 PM next Saturday, July 30.

Click here to read the full story and remember that Eagles Live! will return this Monday at 12 PM to discuss the latest developments and what's on the horizon for the Eagles.

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