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Reid Takes Positives From Close Win

As they say, a win is a win. And after a ferocious comeback bid by the Lions, the Eagles got their first win of the 2010 season this afternoon in Detroit. It wasn't always pretty, and it wasn't always smooth, but head coach Andy Reid is happy to have win number one locked away.

"Every win is a great win in the National Football League," Reid said following the game. "We're not graded on how pretty they look, and that one down the stretch didn't look too pretty."

Michael Vick started his first game since New Year's Eve in 2006, and did so in victorious fashion. Vick completed 21 of 34 passes for 284 yards and two touchdowns. Equally as important, he didn't turn the ball over once. While there are certainly things for Vick to work on, Reid thought his first start in three years was a success.

"I saw some good things, and then there are some things we have to work on," Reid said. "But all in all I'm proud as heck of the kid for getting in and doing the things that he's done. Having the opportunity, he was like a kid in a candy store before the game, he was so excited to play.

"You're talking about a phenomenal football player that's had another chance here to prove himself and to see the excitement."

After a quick Vick to DeSean Jackson touchdown and a seven point lead, the Eagles found themselves down 17-7 midway through the second quarter. It would take a comeback for the Eagles to secure their first win of the 2010 season, and the Eagles answered the call. Reid said postgame that it took both sides of the ball to get back in the game.

"Well we were able to put some drives together, and I think the defense stepped up and made some big plays," Reid said. "I thought the offense put some things together, it looked like we ran the ball halfway decent there. We had a nice mix going there to keep them off balance a bit."

But the win almost wasn't as the Lions refused to quit and put up a comeback bid of their own. If you remember, former Lion Ernie Sims warned his new teammates this week that Detroit was not a team that would easily quit. He turned out to be right.

Andy Reid was happy to get the victory, but noted after the game that the defense got caught in some tough matchups down the stretch.

"There were a few things (that went wrong)," Reid said. "We played a little 2-man (man coverage), and they got us on a couple of those, by initially running the quarterback on a big third down…and the running back is a pretty good receiver against linebackers.

"Again they have a little bit of talent on that offense there, they have some pretty good players."

At the end of the day, the Eagles found a way to get a win on the road, something that is never easy in the NFL. Tomorrow the coaches will watch the tape, and then it's on to Jacksonville in search of win number two.

-- Posted by Josh Goldman, 5:45 p.m., September 19

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