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Reid Reflects On Westbrook's Leadership

The impact that Brian Westbrook had on the Eagles was certainly never more evident than in his relationship with rookie running back LeSean McCoy last year.

Westbrook took McCoy under his wing and showed him how to be a professional. McCoy profusely thanked Westbrook time after time again for the help he provided over the course of the year. Head coach Andy Reid said on Tuesday that McCoy is now the team's primary running back as the Eagles will part ways with Westbrook. One thing that McCoy can not be counted upon to replace immediately is Westbrook's leadership.

"I think he's a tremendous leader. He does it in a little different way. He's quiet, leads by example. He was never afraid to speak up if he saw something that really wasn't about the team," Reid said.

Reid said he's not concerned about how the loss of Westbrook will impact the team from a leadership perspective.

"Well, Donovan's obviously still here," Reid said. "We've got guys here that I think are good leaders also. We're OK there."

If Westbrook chooses not to continue his playing career, Reid said that he "would always invite him back."

"He, to me, is a Philadelphia Eagle," Reid said. "Those are the kind of people that you want in your organization."

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 4:03 p.m., February 23

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