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Reid On The 10 Third-Day Picks

The Eagles added 10 players to their roster on the final day of the draft, beginning with Kentucky cornerback Trevard Lindley and closing it out with Ohio State safety Kurt Coleman. Andy Reid met the Philadelphia media to conclude the 2010 draft festivities, and provided a synopsis of each player and the reason they fit well with the Eagles.

Cornerback Trevard Lindley, 5-foot-11, 183 pounds, chosen 105th overall (fourth round): "Lindley has a phenomenal year (in 2008) and then he got banged up (in 2009) ... He had a high ankle sprain and that can kind of put a little damper on a college season. Well that's what happened to him. It happened early and he really never got over that thing but he never really wanted to stop playing, which showed me something. He's a quiet guy, tremendous desire to play the game, loves to play the game so he stayed out there. I had a chance to talk with Rich Brooks, who was the head coach there and is now retired. Rich said that he's one of, if not the best, one of the best corners he's ever coached and the best one that he's ever coaches (at Kentucky). So we went off of (Lindley's) junior film ... and it was, the Percy Harvins, there were three big time receivers that he shut down and did a great job against. He's got a lot of potential. We'll see how he does, how he handles this here and I think he's a good football player."

Linebacker Keenan Clayton, 6-foot-1, 229 pounds, chosen 121st overall (fourth round): "I think Clayton can play both the outside positions, both the SAM and the WILL. Right now we have him at the WILL linebacker spot. Again, you're looking at a guy who made the transition from the safety position down into the box to play linebacker and all he did was make plays. He has tremendous speed, range and everything else. He's got a real knack for finding the football, good in pass coverage, somebody that can cover a tight end with his athletic ability, so we feel good about him."

Quarterback Mike Kafka, 6-foot-3, 225 pounds, chosen 122nd overall (fourth round): "We liked him and so, going into the draft, we had to see how we worked things here ... I can't tell you that we absolutely knew going into the day that we were going to come out with him, but we after we got all these picks together and did everything that we needed to do these last couple days, we were able to do that ... Right now he's a number three quarterback ... The thing I saw, you saw the accuracy, leadership, size, good mobility, strong kid. I mean you can look at the stats. I look at the throwing motion, can he throw with the ball and arm at different angles with accuracy. I think once you meet him, I think you'll get a feeling for a smart guy that has some of the intangible things, the leadership. He's a tough kid, a Chicago kid. He's got a little grit to him; I think that's important when you - you have to be wired right to handle (the Philadelphia media) and play in the city of Philadelphia. I think he's wired right. He likes to compete."

Tight end Clay Harbor, 6-foot-2, 252 pounds, chosen 125th overall (fourth round): "We watched his tape obviously and we thought he was a good football player even though it's a little bit lower level. He's a good football player and I think what he gives you is he gives you somebody that can, he's big enough that he can work in-line, at the line of scrimmage. And I'm not saying that he's an offensive lineman playing there, but from a tight end standpoint, he can control a defensive end and/or linebacker and he's willing to stick his nose in there and do that. And I think when you see him run his routes, I think you'll see a very skilled athlete."

Defensive end Ricky Sapp, 6-foot-4, 252 pounds, chosen 134th overall (fifth round): "Sapp is a player that can play both ... the strongside linebacker position and defensive end. Whether it's down on third down or on first and second down, he can do that ... He'll start off as a defensive lineman, and then he'll learn some of the linebacker stuff. We have the joker position where he can stand up, like Chris (Clemons) did ... We'll just see how he does. We'll see how he handles some of the linebacker role within that position and then we can work from there."

Wide receiver Riley Cooper, 6-foot-3, 222 pounds, chosen 159th overall (fifth round):"Coop is a big, strong, physical receiver. He did a tremendous job in the red zone. He's got great body control and can go up and get the football. He's a tenacious blocker; he's really a tough guy. "

Running back Charles Scott, 5-foot-11, 238 pounds, chosen 200th overall (sixth round):"He had a couple long runs, so I wouldn't call him a short-yardage guy. He's a running back and that's what we're going to do with him. He's a big old kid that's got quick feet and likes to play a physical game so we'll let him do that."

Linebacker Jamar Cheney, 6-foot, 242 pounds, chosen 220th overall (seventh round): "Chaney can do a variety of things. We felt that he could play all three (linebacker) positions ... (We felt) that he was a smart kid that had a great understanding of their defense there and we brought him up here and we would expect that that would transfer into learning ours once he gets his mitts on it. We know he's a good blitzer. We feel that he's a good cover man. He's able to take on fullbacks. He's good enough and quick enough to get on and off blocks from offensive linemen."

Defensive tackle Jeff Owens, 6-foot-1, 304 pounds, chosen 243rd overall (seventh round): "What you see with Owens is he's very, very strong. I think he bench pressed (225 pounds) 44 times (at the combine). He had a chance to work out with (former Eagles defensive line coach) Pete Jenkins this off-season, before the draft, and so what you see is a guy that has great quickness. Pete taught him all the hand stuff and then you saw that down at the Senior Bowl. He was coming off of an injury this year, made it through and did good. He gives you a little combination of pass rush and being able to play the run."

Safety Kurt Coleman, 5-foot-10, 192 pounds, chosen 244th overall (seventh round):"He's a heck of a football player and, again, he loves to play the game. If you watch Ohio State play, you'll see him back there and he conducts it, he orchestrates the whole secondary, talking to the linebackers and he flies around the football. He was a little bit smaller. He's another guy that played corner and played safety and was able to drop down in nickel position and cover receievers. If you watched the Senior Bowl, the one-on-ones there, he had a chance to play against some of the good wide receivers there and I thought did a nice job in one-on-one competitions. I really felt like he was a very, very intelligent football player. And then he's very aggressive. He is a little bit smaller, he's under 200 pounds, but he will add value to our football team."

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 8:16 p.m., April 24

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