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Reid: Kolb Has A Bright, Bright Future

Kevin Kolb has spent the last three years waiting for his opportunity to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. This year was supposed to be his year, his chance to put his stamp on the Philadelphia Eagles. As it turns out, that plan will have to wait, as head coach Andy Reid has made Michael Vick the team's starting quarterback. Reid said it was Kolb, and not anyone else, whom he spoke to first about his decision.

"I made sure I met with (Kolb) and told him what I was thinking," Reid said Wednesday. "I think that was important. He was the first person I met with and that includes coaches and administration or anybody else. He was the first person I met with. I thought that was very important in this situation."

In naming Vick the starting quarterback, Reid made clear that Kevin Kolb did nothing to lose his job. This was a decision based on the "accelerated play" of Michael Vick, as Reid put it. But that probably doesn't do much to ease Kolb's disappointment. After all, Reid acknowledged on Wednesday that if not for Kolb's injury, Vick likely isn't the starting quarterback of the football team.

But Kolb is a resilient player, and a resilient person. And nothing about the long-term success of Kolb has changed in Reid's eyes.

"Kevin Kolb has a bright, bright future, and I mean a bright future," Reid said Wednesday. "My feelings about Kevin Kolb have not changed a bit."

What has changed, however, is the makeup of this Eagles offense. Whereas Kolb relies more on his accuracy and timing, Vick is a gifted athlete who can avoid the rush while still getting the ball downfield. Reid insisted that the decision had nothing to do with a young offensive line that is still trying to gel, but it certainly doesn't hurt to have a quarterback like Vick who can make electric plays while under duress.

However you view Reid's decision, one thing is for certain: it must have been an excruciating one to make. On one hand, you have a young quarterback who has exhibited tremendous patience and showed a ton of promise in his short career. On the other sits a former Pro Bowl caliber player who looks to have regained his old form, or maybe even exceeded it. Reid said Wednesday it was one of the most challenging choices he's had to make as a head coach.

"Possibly," Reid said. "I would have to go back and think about that, but I will tell you – and I mentioned this to you before – this can be perceived a couple of different ways. I honestly believe that this is a phenomenal situation to be in. I have two quarterbacks that I feel very comfortable with. They can win football games for the Philadelphia Eagles.

"Listen, it is a tough decision because I'm dealing with somebody that I know is a good football player with Kevin Kolb and I know will be a good football player and a very successful quarterback in the National Football League; a championship-caliber quarterback in the National Football League."

Now Kevin Kolb will have to wait, again, for a chance to prove that.

-- Posted by Josh Goldman, 5:25 p.m., September 22

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