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Reid Impacted By Collie Hit; Reacts To Penalty

Colts wide receiver Austin Collie suffered a concussion Sunday, but was alert and had movement in the Colts locker room following a hit by free safety Kurt Coleman in the second quarter of the Eagles' 26-24 win on Sunday. Collie was on the field for several minutes before being placed on a stretcher and taken to the locker room.

Head coach Andy Reid said after the game that he's known Collie for years. Collie's father, Scott, and Reid were teammates at BYU.

"I've got to evaluate exactly what took place," Reid said. "I saw the replay board. It was close."

Strong safety Quintin Mikell was called for an unnecessary roughness penalty, which referee Carl Cheffers and back judge Todd Prukop said after the game should have been called on Coleman. Collie tried to haul in a deep pass down the middle from Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and appeared to have possession of the ball when Mikell hit him. Coleman was also coming in to make the hit and Mikell's hit appeared to have changed Collie's path so that Coleman's helmet collided with Collie's.

It appeared that Collie had possession of the ball, but Cheffers explained that if it's a "bang-bang play" and the second foot was not down the receiver still has the defenseless receiver protection.

"The way the game is today, those things are going to be called in a safe direction. When you're in the heat of it, do you like it? No. For the longevity of the player and down the road, life after football is a good thing," Reid said. "Bottom line is things like that are going to be called against you. You've got to stay strong and regenerate your energy level and keep battling through."

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 9:40 p.m., November 7

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