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Reid Embraces Vick's Confidence

Quarterback Michael Vick created a stir in the week leading up to Training Camp by saying that the Eagles could eventually become a dynasty.

"I think we have a chance to develop a dynasty," Vick told Comcast SportsNet's Derrick Gunn when asked about the great 49ers, Cowboys and Packers teams from the late 1980s through the mid-1990s.

After Vick and the rookies and selected veterans reported to Lehigh University on Sunday afternoon, head coach Andy Reid was asked about his reaction to the comment. Needless to say, Reid did not take umbrage with Vick's statement.

"He set the tempo for our football team. I'm very happy that he's confident," Reid said. "I'm happy that things are going good for him in his life. I had an opportunity to go to his wedding, which I thought was a beautiful thing. From where he was to where he is now, it's a positive thing."

Reid was also not worried that the dynasty comment would hang over the team all year the way Vince Young's "dream team" quote did last season. Reid's reason was that Vick's status on the team is much different than Young's was. Reid also knows the type of person and player that Vick is.

"I know this player and I know he loves challenges," Reid said. "He's as competitive as anybody you've ever been around. He wants to win. He's willing to do whatever it takes physically and mentally to do that. You can't help but love that as a coach."

Vick will have a much different impact on defining the legacy of what this year's Eagles team will be compared to Young last season. Of course, Vick's impact will be at its maximum if he is on the field. Reid noted earlier this offseason that the four quarterbacks who played in the conference title games last season were on the field for all 16 regular season games. Vick missed three games in 2011 as well as parts of others due to injuries.

"Nobody is going to outwork Michael Vick," Reid said. "He is all in. He's all about winning football games."

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