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Redskins Have Struggled Vs. Rookie QBs

What do quarterbacks Vince Young, Bruce Gradkowski, Trent Edwards, Joe Flacco, Matt Stafford, Cam Newton and Christian Ponder all have in common? Each of them beat the Redskins their rookie year.

The Redskins have lost eight games in a row to rookie quarterbacks, an amazing streak dating back to 2006. Even better for the Eagles, both Stafford and Bradford notched their first career wins against the Redskins. In Stafford's case, the win was especially memorable – it snapped the Lions' 19-game losing streak that carried over from their winless 2008 season.

"We haven't had great success against young guys," Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall said, via The Associated Press. "So if anybody in this locker room's not going out there treating (Nick Foles) like he was an NFL starting quarterback, then they're crazy."

While some of those signal-callers have had nice games against the Washington defense, none of them have the collection of talent like the Eagles have. Foles showed great poise last Sunday in relief of injured quarterback Michael Vick. Foles was 22-of-32 for 219 yards with a touchdown and an interception. Those numbers are very similar to what winning rookies have put up against the Redskins.

For Foles, the key will be to trust his teammates and not try and do too much in his first start.

"When you play any football game, you play within yourself and within your talents," Foles said. "No matter what the situation, you play it one play at a time. I have 10 other guys in the huddle who want to play their butts off and do their job. If everybody does their job, we're going to be successful."

Foles will be starting his first career game in a critical game for both teams. Foles is tasked not only with winning, but with winning on the road. While he acknowledged that there would be a few butterflies, he doesn't anticipate them lasting.

"I don't care who you are, you're going to get nerves and butterflies," Foles said. "It's a game. You care about it. We care about the game we play in. You're going to get nerves, but the second the ball is snapped, the second you're in it, they go away and you just play. You get in the zone and just play football and just trust everything."

A win Sunday would do more than extend the Redskins' curious streak. It would move the Eagles up in the division and keep them alive in the playoff chase. If Foles can build off his performance from last week, there's no reason to think the Eagles can't bring Washington's recent record against rookie quarterbacks to 0-9.

Redskins Vs. Rookie QBs
Year Date Name Team Yards TD/INT Final Score
2006 Oct. 15 Vince Young TEN 13/25, 161 1/0 25-22
2006 Nov. 19 Bruce Gradkowski TB 14/21, 178 2/1 20-17
2007 Dec. 2 Trent Edwards BUF 22/36, 257 0/0 17-16
2008 Dec. 7 Joe Flacco BAL 10/21, 134 1/1 24-10
2009 Sept. 27 Matt Stafford DET 21/36, 241 1/0 19-14
2010 Sept. 26 Sam Bradford STL 23/37, 235 1/1 30-16
2011 Oct. 23 Cam Newton CAR 18/23, 256 1/0, 1 rush TD 33-20
2011 Dec. 24 Christian Ponder MIN 8/13, 68 0/0 33-26
Ponder started, but left the game with a concussion.

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