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Redskins Adjust To New Playcaller

If the Redskins commit any delay of game penalties on Monday night, a big reason could be the change in who's calling the plays.

After the Redskins lost to the Chiefs 14-6 last Sunday, head coach Jim Zorn was relieved of the playcalling duties which were given to recently hired offensive consultant Sherman Lewis. Retired since 2004, Lewis was reportedly calling bingo games at a senior center before being joining the Redskins on Oct. 6. The Redskins are averaging 13.2 points per game this season, which ranks 29th in the league.

Zorn explained on Wednesday exactly how the playcalling process is going to work.

"Actually what's going to happen is, (Lewis) is going to send them down (from the press box) to Sherman Smith. I'm going to bring Sherman Smith, our coordinator down on the field and he will relay it in. They will be talking about how that will go," Zorn said. "Sherman (Smith) is pretty experienced being on the sidelines. He has been on the sidelines his whole career. I will be walking around and I will be listening."

Quarterback Jason Campbell, who will start despite being benched at halftime last week, said the Redskins are trying to get the kinks out as much as possible.

"That's one thing we're going to work on – trying to get the plays in and out of the huddle faster," Campbell said. "There will probably be a couple plays I'll have in my head just in case - for some reason if it doesn't get in on time – we can keep the tempo up and keep moving. There will be some things we'll have to adjust to a little bit, and getting plays in faster will have to be one of them because now it comes through one more person."

Running back Clinton Portis is no stranger to twists and surprises in the middle of the season like this.

"I have been here for six years now, and I have seen change every year," Portis said. "This isn't the first year our offensive line has gone down. It's not the first year we had a change. When Joe Gibbs was here I think we have had three different offensive coordinators. It always seems like a surprise. We have had something different every year, it shouldn't be a shocker."

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 6:12 p.m., October 21

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