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Ready Or Not, McGlynn's Opportunity Is Here

Just before a first-and-20 in the second quarter, center Jamaal Jackson ran towards the sideline pointing and signaling for Mike McGlynn to come in the game.

McGlynn may not be returning to the sidelines this season.

On the surface, it was possible that Jackson needed to give his knee a break. Jackson made an amazing recovery after ending last season on Injured Reserve with an ACL injury suffered late in the year. But no, it was worse. Jackson suffered a torn biceps and unless further evaluation on Monday shows anything different head coach Andy Reid said Jackson's season will be over.

"I just ran out there. I didn't really have much time to think about it," McGlynn said after the game. "That's a tragic thing. It's tough for Jamaal. We're together every day and you never want to see a guy go down to a season-ending injury. It's just really hard. It's a tough deal. You never want to see that happen to one of your guys."

Jackson was the quarterback of the line. One of the team's longest-tenured vets, Jackson isn't surprised by what defenses throw at him. McGlynn, a fourth-round pick in 2008, spent this year's training camp and preseason getting plenty of reps to be prepared if Jackson wouldn't be able to start the season because of his knee.

Well, it looks like those reps are going to pay off.

"It helped me, but the speed in the regular season is a lot different. The reps today really helped me out," McGlynn said. "This is my opportunity and I have to do what I'm going to do with it now. I think we did a good job today."

The offense was able to move the ball in the second half. They scored 17 points and nearly overcame a 17-point fourth quarter deficit in a 27-20 loss. Quarterback Michael Vick, who took over for an injured Kevin Kolb, rushed for over 100 yards for the 10th time in his career. Vick may have to start next Sunday in Detroit as Kolb suffered a concussion.

"When you have a quarterback who runs the ball like that, it's another weapon that the defense has to defend," McGlynn said. "Mike did a good job. We just came up a little short. We have to build on today and get ready for Detroit."

But even after Kolb returns, it appears McGlynn will have to anchor the offensive line.

"We're going to get it going and as the center you're a natural leader, so that's what I'm looking to do," McGlynn said. "Just take it running and lead these guys and try to get everyone on the same page and do our jobs."

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 12:50 a.m., September 13

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