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Randall Cunningham shares his advice for Carson Wentz

Wow, it's hard to believe, but I was recently reminded that it has already been 24 years since I played for the Eagles.

Whenever the team calls and asks me to do something like coming back to be the Legend of the Week presented by Santander, I get pumped up about it. It's like a vacation for me. Not as good as Christmas, but it's nice that it's around Christmas.

I make my home in Las Vegas, but like coming back because I love the people of Philadelphia and all they've done for me. It's a time that I get to reflect on all the good times. I get to see Mike Quick and Merrill Reese and a lot of the guys from back in the day. I'm so thankful for Quick because he was someone who helped me to grow when I was a young man. A lot of great people. A lot of fond memories. I just really, really love to come back.

My daughter, Vashti, and son, Randall II, will be there with me. Even though I played for three other teams, they're big Eagles fans. I'm glad that they'll be able to see why Eagles fans aren't like others around the NFL. They're into it. It's one thing to be the Green Bay Packers and you have part ownership, but in Philadelphia, we believe we own the team. In our heart, it's our team. It's kind of that brotherly love type of thing – what's yours is mine and what's mine is yours. I remember early in my career how the fans of Philadelphia accepted me when they didn't even know who I was. I can't explain how important that was for me and my development.

Being a quarterback in Philadelphia, it's like being an anesthesiologist. There's no room for error. You've got to your job right the first time. Thankfully, we have outstanding fans and a tremendous owner in Jeffrey Lurie. Quarterback is a very, very difficult position in the NFL. And in Philadelphia, there's a lot expected of you.

I hope I get to spend a moment with Carson Wentz. I'd tell him he's just got to keep on going, keep moving forward. Don't let anything get him down. When you get to a place where the team is not clicking, he probably puts that on himself. He doesn't have to shoulder the load by himself. He has a great owner. He has great coaches. Coach Pederson's a phenomenal coach. He's got talented players. Even with all of the ups and downs this season, they can turn things around and finish up strong.

That this game is against the rival Giants is even better. I think the top memory I have from our games against them is when we finally broke through and figured out that Cover 2 Deep defense that they played in the Monday night win in 1988. For years, we had been trying to attack Bill Belichick and John Fox and all those great defensive coaches the wrong way. I know everyone brings up the Carl Banks play from that night, but we changed our offense and it was a really big transition because they used to put it on us.

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