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Rams Name Austin Davis As Starting QB

Head coach Jeff Fisher wanted to save the good news for the St. Louis media.

Just a few hours after being non-committal regarding who would be the Rams' starting quarterback this Sunday on a conference call with Philadelphia media, Fisher named Austin Davis as the starter. On the conference call, Fisher intimated that this was the direction that he was going to go in.

"Since having two weeks of preparation prior to the last two games, at Tampa and Dallas, with the practice time he's really come along," Fisher said. "We're pleased with what he's doing. Shaun's (Hill) also in a position where he's healing up. We'll just see what happens this week."

Davis came off the bench when Hill suffered a quad injury in the first half of the season opener and has completed 72 percent of his pass attempts for 754 yards with three touchdowns against three interceptions. The Rams rank ninth in total offense and passing offense. Good numbers for Davis' first taste of NFL action.

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