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Quinn A Huge Fan Of CB Maxwell


Dan Quinn became the 16th head coach for the Atlanta Falcons after spending the last two seasons as the defensive coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks. During his time as coordinator, Quinn helped polish a top defensive unit as the Seahawks took over the league allowing 270.4 yards per game, 15.2 points per game and 178.8 passing yards per game.

Quinn will face off against Chip Kelly's up-tempo offense on Monday for the regular season kickoff and looked ahead to the game in a conference call on Thursday afternoon.

"You know, as we went through the whole offseason, we know there are certain weeks that some teams run more up-tempo than others and that's something you really have to prepare for," Quinn said. "It really comes down to our technique and how we play and that's really the main emphasis to try to get across to our guys."

Approaching Monday's game, Quinn knows the significance of preparing his team for the unleashing of the three-headed monster: running backs Ryan Mathews, DeMarco Murray and Darren Sproles.

"It's not just three backs. It's like three really good backs," Quinn said. "We definitely have our hands full with those guys. We've had a chance to compete against them before so we know how strong these guys are."

Like any other game, strengths and weaknesses vary by team, but Quinn is really looking forward to taking on the Eagles' offense as it will be a good test for his players.

"Each time we play, there's different strengths and features when you play against an NFL offense and sometimes it's the running backs and sometimes it's the tight ends, sometimes receivers, sometimes it's the quarterback, sometimes it's a combination of those, if that makes sense," he said. "So for them, knowing who their featured runners are this week, in that aspect, is a great matchup for us and one we're really looking forward to."

During Quinn's time with the Seahawks, he worked closely with the Eagles' newly acquired cornerback Byron Maxwell and admires his game.

"I have so much regard and respect for Max. Number one, he has a terrific mindset for going after the ball. It's the poke outs, it's the interceptions, the forced fumbles," Quinn said. "That part of his game is really in-tune. Then the next thing, I think is the length when he plays at the line of scrimmage. He's got such long arms and you guys that cover him have seen him. I think probably those two things just completely stand out. I love the competitor, the guy that's just trying to battle for it and finish."

To hear the entire conference call, click here or on the video above.

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