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QB Jevan Snead Scouting Report

QB Jevan Snead, Mississippi
Pos. Rank: 6 Grade: 4th Round Height: 6-3 Weight: 219 40: 5.04 Year: 4-Jr.

The Good: Nice-sized, strong-armed passer coming off a massively disappointing season. Drives the ball down the field, displays speed on all his throws, and loses nothing passing on the move. Patient in the pocket, possesses a quick release and moves around behind the line of scrimmage to give himself a better view of the field or buy time for receivers. Solid athlete, and displays the ability to pick up yardage with his legs. Sells the ball fakes, throws with a compact release and flashes the ability to perfectly place the ball into receivers' hands. Puts touch on throws when necessary and, for the most part, can make all the passes.

The Bad: Wilts under pressure and does not always make proper decisions. Did not display a sense of timing on his throws last year. Sprayed passes around as a junior and constantly had receivers slowing, throwing up in their routes, or getting vertical for the ball. Does not have a consistent point of release and often high of the mark.

The Verdict: Snead looked like a top prospect after the 2008 season, his first campaign with Mississippi. He took a major step back last season, and though he possesses the physical skills for the next level, he did not display the mental intangibles or head for the position in 2009. Snead must really get his game back on track and do a much better job reading and anticipating defenses, finding the safety and making proper decisions in the pocket. He offers a great amount of upside potential, yet based on the 2009 film, Snead needs a lot of work.

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