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Promotions In Player Personnel Staff

The Eagles made several changes in their player personnel staff on Wednesday, including Ryan Grigson being named director of player personnel. In addition, Louis Riddick was promoted to director of pro personnel; Anthony Patch was named assistant director of college scouting; Andy Speyer was named Southwest regional scout; and Brett Veach was named pro and college scout.

"I feel we have strengthened our personnel staff today with these moves," said Eagles' general manager Howie Roseman.

Grigson spent the past four years as the club's director of college scouting. In this role, Grigson will work closely with Roseman in the day-to-day college scouting operation and the annual draft preparation. He will continue to evaluate college players across the country and aid Roseman in overseeing the Eagles scouting staff, while also scouting players in other professional leagues.

"Ryan is somebody who, professionally and personally, I feel lucky to have on board," Roseman said. "He is an unbelievable advisor for me and somebody I have bounced a lot of ideas off over the years. Ryan is one of the unsung talented evaluators in the National Football League. He has been instrumental in our draft process since day one. He also helped build the St. Louis Rams into a championship football team. He leaves no stone left unturned in his efforts to find us good players. Ryan is not only a good scout but one of the best people and family men I have come across in the NFL."

Riddick originally joined the Eagles' player personnel department in 2008 as the club's assistant director of pro personnel. In his new role, Riddick will manage the pro scouting department in evaluating players among the professional ranks, continue his job of advance scouting of upcoming opponents, and prepare the club for acquisitions through free agency and the waiver wire. In addition, he will also assist in the cross check of college players prior to the draft.

"Louis has done a great job for us since he has been an Eagle working with Jon Sandusky [former director of pro personnel; now in Cleveland] and we feel really good that, in having Louis in this role, we will continue to have a strong pro personnel department," Roseman said. "He is a heck of an evaluator that also helps out the coaches with their game advances. He is a really sharp guy, with experience in the NFC East and he earned an opportunity to move up in the ranks. Both Ryan and Louis will do great jobs with their eye for talent, their preparation and their passion for the job."

Patch previously worked as a college scout in the West Coast region. In his new role, Patch will work closely with Roseman and Grigson in draft preparation as well as scouting top players across the country.

"Anthony is our longest-tenured scout in the building," Roseman said. "His career is an example of what hard work and loyalty can lead to. He has an excellent eye for talent, great relationships throughout football and he is as hard-working a guy as you will find. We are lucky to be able to keep him and his family as Eagles."

Speyer was named Southwest regional scout after serving as the team's Midwest regional scout, while Veach was named pro and college scout after spending the previous three seasons as assistant to the head coach.

Said Roseman: "Andy Speyer is a loyal, hard-working scout who does an outstanding job evaluating talent and getting background information. Brett Veach has shown a keen eye for talent evaluation. He has been somebody we have given more and more responsibility to in the last couple of years and when I was hired into this role I immediately tried to convince Coach Reid to let him come to the personnel side. He has a passion for the job and is going to help us in his new role."

-- Posted by Bob Kent, 2:10 p.m., February 3

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