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Practice Blog: July 31


Andy Reid Injury Update

"Ryan Moats has a little ankle inflammation in the ankle that he had the surgery on. We think he is going to be fine. Victor (Abiamiri), we still don't have an exact date of return. We just have to see how this thing heals. I gave you the worst possible scenario (out four months), that's still the worst possible scenario but I can't give you what this best one is. We'll see how that goes but it was a successful surgery.

"Franklin Dunbar had lower back spasms or inflammation. Asante (Samuel) is getting better with the hamstring. He is still a little bit away but he is getting closer. Bryan Smith has a hamstring strain, he is getting better. He is probably closer than Asante is. Smith is really day-to-day, he might be able to do some things this afternoon but we'll see how his rehab goes here in between practices.

"L.J. (Smith) has a calf strain. We don't know on that one, we'll have to see. Kimo (von Oelhoffen) is a couple days here so we'll see how he does with knee inflammation. Kris Wilson had a little dehydration today and he went in. The lines were pretty short at the tight end spot and the defensive end spot so what I did today was took the pads off them and went in shells and we were able to get some real good work in.

"All in all it was a good practice, a lot of good teaching. We were able to install the red zone offense today. The veterans that were off today with the 30 plus club will be back this afternoon for the 10-10-10."


3:16 PM -Omar Gaither says to NBC10 sports anchor Vai Sikahema while switching fields, "I know you miss these days." Gaither is the same guy that asked reporters to find him one guy that enjoys trainig camp. I (Chris) have. Harold Carmichael. He has been coming for 25 years and loves it.

3:12 PM -Vai Sikahema stands on the sidelines, joking around with whomever walks by. He mentions Todd Herremans' ranking among Philadelphia's sexy singles as Herremans says, "You have some heavy hands." Offensive line coach Juan Castillo has clearly not heard about Vai's "War at the Shore" with Jose Canseco and needs an explanation. My suggestion: YouTube it. First round KO.

3:10 PM - David Akers practices onsides kick situations with the special teams. Rory Segrest tells his players that everyone has to be on the same page in terms of blocking assignments for everything to work.

3:08 PM - When a play is not made by the defense, Andy Reid does not yell, but encourages his players telling them that what they did was fine. They continued to give the coach the effort that he wanted and played at a high level.

3:04 PM -The jovial, happy-go-lucky atmosphere does not last for long because Andy Reid notices that the team looks like they are "going through the motions." The afternoon practice is supposed to be a run through of 10 offensive, 10 defensive and 10 special teams plays. Halfway through the defensive set Reid tells the first team to come back on the field and give back five plays. He was displeased that the defense was not making the interceptions. "Get your hands on the ball," he says. "I don't care about the ball on the ground, I want the ball in the air." He is loud enough for the fans to hear him and they love it. The coach sets the tone and the players responded. Stewart Bradley, Sheldon Brown and Quintin Demps all picked off passes following Reid's instructions.

2:55 PM -Players try to keep their routine fresh in order to keep focused and excited. The linebackers are playing some version of hot potato with the football. Whatever the game is, Chris Gocong and Stewart Bradley are obviously winning as you an hear Omar Gaither claiming foul play is afoot.

2:45 PM -Brian Dawkins seems to be the only member of the 30-plus club that is not back on the field. Rookie defensive end Bryan Smith is making his first appearance on the field since training camp began.


11:05 AM - Victor Abiamiri returns to the Lehigh campus after a successful surgery. We will update his status once more information is released.

10:10 AM -Practice is just about over so we are heading to get player interviews and listen to what Andy Reid has to say. It will all be on the site later today for you to browse through.

9:54 AM -Correll Buckhalter looks great. I was discussing his camp with Bob Grotz of the Delaware County Times. We talked about how every year you wonder if Buckhalter is going to fall off the planet, and these past few years he has just showed up to play.

9:48 AM -Lot of Tony Hunt action today, all on screen passes. It's obvious that Andy Reid wants to see more of Hunt, who really hasn't had a standout camp so far. You'd like to see Hunt run closer to the ground. Still, he's catching everything and getting upfield. We'll see.

9:46 AM -Jackson will want this one back. Makes a great move to get past Nick Graham, and drops a perfect deep throw from Kolb.

9:43 AM -DeSean Jackson makes a great catch across the middle, pulling in a Kevin Kolb bullet above his head. The ball just sticks to his hands.

9:42 AM -Stewart Bradley breaks up a pass, using his length and size to his advantage. 6-3, 254 pounds and the man can move.

9:38 AM -Seven-on-seven. "Nice Hands!" Fans scream and shout. They can't get enough of Lorenzo Booker, spinning away from the corner with possession of the ball.

9:34 AM -Brian Westbrook gives the crowd what they want, a simple wave and smile so they can take a picture of one of the NFL's premiere players.

9:30 AM -Receiver coach David Culley talks to Reggie Brown, DeSean Jackson, and Greg Lewis after the drill is over. Marty Mornhinweg chats with Kevin Kolb. Never a break, even when the players get a breather.

9:25 AM -DeSean Jackson drags his feet through the end zone during a red zone drill. Brent Celek finds a seam in the defense. Kevin Kolb finds him open in that seam and "boom goes the dynamite."

9:23 AM -Secondary provides excellent coverage, and forces A.J. Feeley to scramble looking for a receiver. At this time DeSean Jackson uses his agility to create just enough space between him and Therrian Fontenot. Feeley lobs up a touchdown pass.

9:20 AM -Nice haul-in from Michael Gasperson here in double coverage. Good ball from Kevin Kolb.

9:15 AM - The quarterbacks and receivers move to some drills, but without a center. "We need a center, Juan!" coaches yell to Juan Castillo, offensive line coach. Castillo sends over rookie Mike Gibson, who plays everywhere on the line.

9:13 AM -Absolutely stellar move (or three) from Jason Avant, who leaves Nick Graham behind him as he catches a Kolb pass and scampers for six. I tell you, Lorenzo Booker might be the "camp darling" but Avant has had as good a camp as anyone. He's really impressive. We'll see if it translates.

8:56 AM -Receivers and defensive backs go one-on-one in the red zone. Hank Baskett uses his leaping ability and size to jump over Quintin Demps and Lito Sheppard. DeSean Jackson takes a "love tap" from Sheldon Brown that would level the average male. Easy Sheldon, no hitting yet. Frantz Hardy works Nick Graham and Sheldon Brown. Michael Gasperson shows a nice head fake to create space on Therrian Fontenot.

The highlight of the drill though is... Lorenzo Booker. Two quick steps and he is gone. And I mean five yards away from the defender. All Quintin Demps says after the play is, "Damn." Could not have said it any better myself.

8:53 AM -Feeley underthrows DeSean Jackson on a go route, but Jackson manages to slow down, catch some air and nearly pull down an awesome grab over top of Kyle Arrington. His effort gets a nice round of applause from the faithful in attendance.

8:49 AM -There's a pick-six! Guess who? A guy who's made himself quite the ballhawk this camp -- Quintin Demps. The good news for fans? This time, it wasn't Kevin Kolb that he picked off, it was A.J. Feeley.

8:47 AM -Andy Studebaker, playing his college position of defensive end (probably out of necessity), jumps offsides and lets loose a word I'd be fired for posting on the blog. There's a bit of a gasp from the crowd.

8:35 AM -How about this trick play. Toss to Westbrook in the flat, he runs with it and then throws a 30 yard pass down the field to Hank Baskett. Very nice.

8:33 AM -As we saw with the last 30 plus day, Todd Herremans is playing left tackle, Winston Justice right tackle, and Scott Young left guard. * *

8:30 AM -Group Install: Get to see more of Lorenzo Booker and Brian Westbrook in the backfield together. DeSean Jackson runs a reverse. Speed, speed, speed. Granted the team is back in shorts so everything looks a little faster than it normally would.

8:25 AM -Personnel update: Linebacker Rocky Boiman (lower leg contusion) and defensive end Chris Clemons (dehydration) are both back in action today.

8:15 AM -Practice is underway, with a couple notable differences from this week's morning practices. For one it's another "30-Plus" day, so all those lucky players 30 and older are off. Secondly, those players that are practicing are just in shells (helmets and shorts). Andy Reid said it's because of all the nagging injuries, especially on the defensive line.

Another interesting note, NASCAR driver Martin Truex, Jr., is here today. After practice, he'll be doing a "helmet exchange" with kicker David Akers. Akers is a major racing fan, and participates in many online sim races.

Personal note: A group of us on the staff got to sit around with Harold Carmichael last night as he cooked his famous crab and corn. Possibly the greatest Eagles receiver of all-time, a chef, and very down to earth. Thank you Mr. Carmichael- for the food and the memory.

6:45 AM - It's the final day of July, but it's just the start of another exciting day here at Lehigh. Stay tuned and we'll have all the action covered!

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