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Practice Blog: July 24


The Rauch Fieldhouse is cramped, with only a small area for media and staff members to stand. Still, we were able to find some interesting things to report today. Hopefully, practice will be moving back outside in the coming days.

Trainer Rick Burkholder seemed to be enjoying himself quite a bit, showing off some sort of martial arts skills to staff members Derek Boyko and Bob Lange. It was at this point that I (Joe) ran to see if we had an Internet connection, but it was to no avail.

And I know we've covered him about as much -- if not more -- than some of the players, but man, Harold Carmichael simply does not drop a pass. This notion struck up a small round of conversation with a few of us on the sidelines. It makes you wonder how anyone stopped this guy when he was in his prime. A big, sure-handed target.

An amusing moment during the receiver drills. Tight end Brent Celek is catching balls while being rapidly struck by some sort of object. It almost looks like those stick things (Pugil-stick? Is that it?) they used in the Joust event on American Gladiators. Obviously, the idea is to simulate catching a pass while being hounded by a physical linebacker, but it got a couple chuckles from the media.

After practice, Marty Mornhinweg held a "press conference" outside the building, where he talked for about six minutes while surrounded by media. I will be preparing a story which should go up sometime this afternoon, along with a video of Mornhinweg. What's interesting? Well, if you look closely at the video, you can probably see me fumble the microphone during a question. This is because a photographer's tripod fell and smashed into my ankle. Still smarts.

8:45 AM -The rain from Wednesday night has forced Thursday morning's practice inside. Since there is no Internet connection inside the gym, we will provide all of the updates after the practice. Note that the practice is closed to the public when it is moved indoors. Also, stay tuned because we will blog away as the veterans report to Lehigh on Thursday. One of the newest Eagles, Asante Samuel, arrived on Wednesday evening. There's also been a lot of hubbub regarding the report that the Green Bay Packers called the Eagles to gauge their interest in quarterback Brett Favre. In our Blog Head feature, that question gets answered.

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