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Power Rankings Aggregator: Week 6

The Eagles fell to 3-2 following a tough loss in Pittsburgh. What does the national media think of the Eagles? We take a look:

Power Rankings Aggregator
Site Rank Note
CBS Sports 12th Those Mike Vick turnovers are just killers. They cost them again big time in Pittsburgh
FOX Sports 11th QB Michael Vick had three fumbles, two lost, on Sunday. But why is he running QB draws on the goal line if he is so prone to red-zone turnovers in the first place? If I have a running back like LeSean McCoy on my team, I give it to him as much as possible, especially on first-and-goal. 11th A two-point loss in Pittsburgh is easy to excuse. Two more Michael Vick turnovers... not so much. 13th "But, Jeff, we lost those eight games by 12 total points" likely won't get the owner to change his mind. 11th This football team might point back to the Week 5 loss in Pittsburgh as the downfall to its playoff positioning, or lack thereof. Thank goodness it wasn't a conference loss. But still, it was the kind of loss Eagles brass built this team to not endure. With Philly's pass rush and cover corners, the Steelers should not have been able to convert a third-and-a-mile deep in their own territory -- before marching down the field for the winning field goal.
Yahoo! Sports 6th I think it's about time I stopped talking about some theoretical version of the Eagles that doesn't turn the ball over habitually. Those Eagles don't exist. When they do, I'll acknowledge them. For now, though, they're a team that endured a couple of crucial fumbles from their quarterback, and still held a late lead on the road against a Steelers team that might be pretty good. It's not the worst position to be in, but they don't deserve anything better than the 3-2 record they have.

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