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Power Rankings Aggregator: Week 4

Now that the Eagles are 2-1 we take a look at what the national media thinks of this team in our weekly power rankings roundup:

Power Rankings Aggregator
Site Rank Note
CBS Sports 12th Is Mike Vick in danger of sitting down? It sure sounds like it if he doesn't turn it around.
FOX Sports 11th The Eagles may as well start a charity for as much as they are giving the ball away. Michael Vick can be the president. Twelve turnovers in three games is unacceptable, but if anyone can get this thing turned around, it is Andy Reid. 9th The turnover problem is reaching critical mass. Is Michael Vick on the hot seat? 17th Arguably the worst 2-1 team in years, the Eagles could be on their way to 8-8 (at best) if they fall to 2-2 on Sunday night against the Giants. 11th A lot of Eagles fans were upset over their franchise's "ridiculous" No. 9 ranking last week. Well, let's go "Spaceballs" and take it from ridiculous to ludicrous. There is no glossing over 12 giveaways in three games. Forget any other stat. That easily paces the entire National Football League. Huge test next week with the red-hot Giants coming to town. The way this season is going, Philadelphia will not only win, they won't so much as bobble a ball.
Pro Football Weekly 10th Cardinals finally made them pay for their mistakes.

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