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Power Rankings Aggregator: Week 2

The first week of the NFL season is in the books. Here's how the Eagles are ranked after their win against the Browns:

Power Rankings Aggregator
Site Rank Note
CBS Sports 8th Mike Vick sure didn't look like Mike Vick against the Browns. What happened to that offense?.
FOX Sports 12th So putting the Eagles at the No. 1 spot was obviously a bold projection, and just because I'm moving them down 11 spots this week, doesn't mean I'm ready to panic just yet. Juan Castillo's defense held Trent Richardson to just 2.1 yards per carry on 19 attempts, a huge improvement over last year's squad which struggled against the run. 12th Nothing's going to matter if Michael Vick can't stop the turnovers. 8th A win is a win, but the teams that will be playing the Eagles over the next few months are surely feeling better about the chances of getting a win over Philly.
Sporting News 12th No, it's not DeSean Jackson or Jeremy Maclin. With Michael Vick struggling with turnovers again, he needs to get the ball in McCoy's hands as much as possible. 14th That was about as ugly a win as you'll ever see in the National Football League. Thank goodness for Brandon Weeden (four interceptions), who managed to play just a hair worse than Michael Vick. A win is a win is a win?
Yahoo! Sports 17th Ranking the Eagles this low in Week 1 NFL power rankings is hardly a mistake. They should have given up two red zone touchdown passes, and they easily could have finished the game with seven total turnovers. Fortunately for Philly, they were playing the Browns.

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