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Podcast Recap: Wrapping Up Draft Season


Four months after the Journey To The Draft Podcast, presented by AAA, began, on scene at the East-West Shrine Game, it's time to say goodbye. That is, until we get going again next January. In our final episode of the year, though, Chris, Bo and Fran recap the Eagles' 2015 draft and their own performance in predicting just what would happen.

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As for the draft itself, Fran thinks first-round pick Nelson Agholor will fit in seamlessly with the Eagles offense.

"The biggest thing that you're going to see is that you have a guy who can win vertically, who can get downfield and make plays, which is obviously a big part of the Eagles offense," Duff-man said. "But then also, his best trait is his ability with the ball in his hands. He's a great yards after catch guy, he was used that way at USC. I would imagine he'll be used that way here with the Philadelphia Eagles, whether it's in the screen game or whether it's on the shallow crossing routes."

In the second round, the Eagles traded up for Utah defensive back Eric Rowe, a player who was often the focus of Journey To The Draft conversation. Then, in the sixth round, the Eagles doubled and tripled down on the cornerback position with the selections of JaCorey Shepherd and Randall Evans.

"We love Eric Rowe. I thought he was a possibility in the first round if the Eagles moved back a couple spots and Chip Kelly acknowledged that," said the handsome Bo Wulf. "Coming out of the draft with Rowe is great I think. He'll be able to compete to start right away at cornerback on the outside, and then you take two lottery tickets in the sixth round with players who fit what the Eagles want to do. Maybe one of them works out, maybe they become good special teamers and you add them to the group competing there.

"I think if you talked to Eagles fans during the season last year, this is what they would have wanted. They would have wanted a brand new secondary, save for Malcolm Jenkins, and that's basically what they're getting. The Eagles led the league in giving up (pass) plays over 20 yards and over 40 yards. That was sort of, you can make a case, the weak link of the Eagles team last year and Chip Kelly recognized that and did all he could this offseason, in charge of personnel, to overhaul it."

In the third round, the Eagles selected Texas linebacker Jordan Hicks, a Fran favorite throughout the pre-draft process.

"I'm really excited about Jordan Hicks," Duffy said, stating the obvious. "I think that you may not see him start early on in his career, but I think down the road in two, three years that he's going to be a starter. He's going to be an every-down player. He has the athleticism to play in space, he has the physicality to play in the box, a good run defender, really good coverage player. I really like Jordan Hicks. Obviously the injuries played a part in why he fell, but he has good size, he has good athleticism, high character guy."

As for how the guys performed in their predictions, scroll to the 30-minute mark to find out who knows the draft best and who has the keenest, true scouting eye.

See you next year.

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