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Podcast Recap: The Run Stops With Logan


Defensive tackle Bennie Logan is ready to take his play to the next level this season, which is something he made evident during the preseason. He and his defensive linemates are ready to further establish themselves in 2015, and they are ready to do whatever it takes to be the best.

"This is my third year on the defense. If you're not looking to elevate your game every year you come into the season and what not, then it's just pretty pointless to have any goals," Logan said. "My third year on this defense, I just feel more confident and relaxed, whereas the first two years I did a lot of thinking because I was trying to be so perfect. When you're trying to be so perfect, you make a lot of mistakes. Now, I'm just playing."

Despite the praise he received during Training Camp, Logan explained that he owes a lot of credit to Fletcher Cox and Cedric Thornton. He is the first to admit he makes mistakes on the field, which is why he's so thankful to have teammates who can cover his back.

"I made mistakes in preseason games, but you really can't tell because those guys cover for me, did a good job covering up for me when I was out of my gap or things like that. They were there to make the play," Logan said. "That's another advantage of not just me developing but everybody on the D-line, on defense developing. We really just matured into that defense and just looking to come out this year and establish ourselves."

This week, they've got to put the game against Atlanta behind them. Now, Logan and the Eagles have Dallas on their mind because at this point, the team's home opener is days away and they couldn't ask for a bigger stage to bring football back to Philadelphia.

"It's going to be spectacular that day with all the things that happened in the offseason," Logan said. "I know the fans will definitely be talking about the little banner thing that flew over, all the trash talk that goes on and what not. The fans are going to be looking forward to it. I'm definitely looking forward to it, just getting back on the winning side of the ball."

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Each week, Fran Duffy and NFL Films senior producer Greg Cosell take an in-depth look at the X's and O's of team strategy and philosophy in the hopes that their analysis will assist fans in their understanding of football. In this week's episode of the podcast, the two look back on the game in Atlanta and preview what is to come on Sunday against the Cowboys.

Beginning with the season opener, Duffy and Cosell discussed why the Falcons chose to use the offensive setup they did. A few times, Atlanta ran the stretch run play, but with a wham element. The team brought their tight end across as they tried to block Bennie Logan.

"They do it on penetrating guys. The Eagles are a 3-4, but they don't play that two gap the way people think of 3-4s. People penetrate, and I think with the quickness of the Eagles' D-line and the Falcons knowing they had to run the ball because they could not be one-dimensional against this Eagles defense, they just couldn't be, I think they wanted to make sure those plays were not run down before they had a chance to even start," Cosell said. "And, I thought the Falcons had a really good plan."

Looking ahead to the home opener, the running backs in both Philadelphia and Dallas will be in the spotlight. How will DeMarco Murray play when going up against his old team? How will the Cowboys utilize its backs to replicate Murray's 2014 production?

Duffy and Cosell specifically looked at the differences between Murray and his primary replacement in Dallas, Joseph Randle.

"I think Randle has some juice to him. I think he has actually a little more juice than DeMarco Murray," Cosell said. "He's a quicker athlete. What he lacks, and it was noticeable in the game against the Giants, he doesn't have very much power.

"He doesn't have natural power. When people get their arms on him, even from the side, he goes down. That's the big difference between he and DeMarco Murray. DeMarco Murray, last year certainly anyway, ran through those tackles. Randle went down."

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