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Podcast Recap: Money Well Spent



Eagle Eye In The Sky]( **

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On this week's Eagle Eye in the Sky podcast, Fran Duffy was joined by Villanova wide receivers coach Brian Flinn and the conversation quickly turned to the role of RPO (run-pass option) in the game of football today.

Flinn explained what the concept means at its foundation and how Villanova uses it.

"For the five guys up front (along the offensive line), it's a running play. The signal never changes for them," Flinn said. "Whatever we tag on the exterior, on the back side to a single receiver, it's inside zone or it's power read or it's counter ... Whatever the call is for the five up front, it is. You can do whatever exotic passing stuff you want to do on the perimeter, but it never changes fort the five up front.

"What we do is, we have our outside guys, whether it's a single receiver to the boundary run a route, or it's a number three receiver on the field running a stick route, and our quarterback is going to read and he's either going to give the ball on the run or throw it depending on the second level defender … If the MIKE linebacker leaves the box to cover the passing play, giving us five guys in the box, we're going to hand the ball off."

While it's yet to be seen exactly how Doug Pederson and Frank Reich's offense will take shape in their first season together here in Philadelphia, it's likely that RPO will be a part of how the Eagles look to move the football.

While the concept is run-pass option, Flinn explained that there is a preferred method of moving the chains.

"The whole point of the RPO for us is the R. We're trying to run the ball," Flinn said. "We're all shotgun, spread no-huddle, but even when we go empty, with nobody in the backfield, we're trying to get a five-man box for our quarterback. We're trying to get those underneath defenders to go out and chase the pass routes so we can hand the ball off. The run is the goal, but if the defense goes and crowds the box or plays single high, then we're going to get it out on the perimeter."


Eagles Live: Episode 19](**

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Defense. Defense. Defense.

On Episode 19 of the Eagles Live podcast, that was the topic of discussion as Eagles Insider Dave Spadaro delved into Jim Schwartz's scheme and what will be in store on that side of the ball in 2016.

During his most recent press conference, the defensive coordinator explained that he doesn't want to base too much on the team's OTA practices, but there was one position he is already very pleased with – safety. Schwartz is looking forward to the possibilities with Malcolm Jenkins and Rodney McLeod, calling the investment in those two players "money well spent."

Spadaro caught up with McLeod shortly thereafter.

"It feels great when you hear that come from your coach this early in the game," McLeod said. "Obviously, he's seen something great in us and we're just trying to live up to that and try to just build this chemistry and build a relationship right now and thrive in this scheme."

In the episode, Spadaro also sat down for a one-on-one with Brandon Graham, who is making the switch back to defensive end after spending the last three seasons as an outside linebacker.

Graham worked with Schwartz at the Senior Bowl in 2010, had a standout week and was ultimately named the game's Most Valuable Player. According to the defensive end, the scheme hasn't changed all that much.

"I think it's exactly the same, but I've got a lot smarter and a lot wiser on a lot of stuff," he said. "I think it's only going to get better for me, especially in this defense because it's attack and react and that's my game. All out, sell out, go get whoever got the ball and I think that's what Jim's like. Jim likes guys that are going to be aggressive and not be scared to go in dark places, especially in this defense. "We had to get out of the mindset of the 3-4-read defense a little bit but I think everybody's hearts are in the right place and everybody's motivating each other, especially just me, Connor (Barwin), Vinny (Curry). Just helping those guys out because we want everybody in this and everybody to be able to contribute and help us win."

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