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Player Postcard: DeSean Jackson


The Pro Bowl didn't go exactly as we planned because we lost, but it was a great experience for myself and my Eagles teammates. I am really happy to see Nick Foles win the Offensive MVP award. He deserved it! For me, going out there and making some plays and scoring the touchdown, that's what I wanted to do. I wanted to play with a lot of energy and do what I could to help Team Sanders win the game.

I'm at the Super Bowl this week for some appearances, then it's time to get back to Cali and get working for next season. I have a few things going on that you will find out if you follow me on Twitter or on Instagram. I like to keep my fans up to date there. I'm going to be busy, but getting ready for next year is first and foremost. I'm feeling great and I love this team. I think everybody is excited about what we've got going on.

I'll be in Philly soon, ready for 2014. After the Super Bowl on Sunday, we're all 0-0 and we can start getting it going for the season that's ahead of us.

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