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Payton: Look Out, NFC East

Head coach Chip Kelly infamously said earlier this year that Nick Foles will be his quarterback for the next 1,000 years.

It feels like that's how long head coach Sean Payton and quarterback Drew Brees have worked in tandem, but it has been eight years since the two joined forces in New Orleans. In addition, offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael has been there for the entire tenure as well.

Brees has earned seven Pro Bowl trips since signing with the Saints. He has led the NFC in passing yards four times. He has an astounding four 5,000-yard seasons. He's also led the NFC in passing touchdowns four times and completion percentage three times. Most importantly, Brees led the Saints to a win and MVP honors in Super Bowl XLIV.

"There's a familiarity just based on the system and the offense," Payton said earlier this week on his conference call with reporters. "I think it's ever-changing with regards to the people around him whether its receivers or tight ends or running backs."

In Foles' first season with Kelly, there have been amazing results. Foles tied the NFL record for most touchdown passes in a single game. He led the league in passer rating, yards per attempt, touchdown percentage and touchdown/interception ratio. Could a similar run of success be in the works for Kelly and Foles?

"Clearly, in the early stages that's tough news for the rest of the NFC East. I think they've been outstanding," Payton said. "His transformation this year has been amazing."

Payton explains that the mark of a good coach is getting the most out of his talent. He believes Kelly has done that in year one.

"Any good coach takes basically the ingredients he has and then kind of applies the offense or the defense or the kicking game around the skill set of the players and I think he and his staff have done that extremely well," Payton said.

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