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Former Eagles wide receiver and WYSP analyst Mike Quick explains how the time is of the essence if the Eagles want to turn around the 2008 season ...

"I said a few weeks ago that the Eagles had enough weapons to succeed offensively and to win a lot of games this season, and I still believe that. But things are not going well and the players are not being used the way they need to be used to make plays.

"It is one thing to talk about making corrections and it another thing to make the corrections. Too many times this year the Eagles have talked about correcting mistakes. The time has come to get it right – in every phase.

"This is not a lost cause by any means. The season isn't over. But the Eagles have very little margin of error here. They have to go out to San Francisco and win that game and then they have to take the bye week to evaluate what they can do differently in the weeks ahead.

"I think the Eagles could have won every game they played, and I think they can win every game they are going to play. But that means nothing if the corrections aren't made. The offense is relying too much on Brian Westbrook. They have a big gun in DeSean Jackson and they aren't getting him the ball. The Eagles aren't making good decisions in crunch situations and the way they are missing opportunities in the red zone is just killing them. They're getting into the position to earn their paychecks and put the ball in the end zone and then they mess things up. It's inexcusable.

"I know Andy Reid is taking the responsibility. He is the head coach and it is his job to win games. I know he is going to do everything he can to correct the situation, but the Eagles have to have that urgency right now. No more waiting. No more talking about correcting things.

"At 2-3, there is no time to talk. The Eagles need results."

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