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OLB Rennie Curran Scouting Report

OLB Rennie Curran, Georgia
Pos. Rank: 9 Grade: 3rd Round Height: 5-10 1/2 Weight: 235 40: 4.65 Year: 3-Jr.

The Good: Small yet explosive one-gap linebacker drawing comparisons to former Dallas Cowboy Pro Bowl player Dexter Coakley. Plays with terrific quickness, intelligence, and stands out in pursuit. Uses his hands to protect himself, quickly adjusts off blocks, and immediately gets back to playing form. Displays speed moving in every direction of the field, explodes filling gaps in run defense, and makes plays sideline to sideline. Aggressive, flies around the football, and works very hard. Remains disciplined with assignments, quickly diagnoses the action and plays hard until the whistle blows. Fluid pedaling in reverse, gets depth on pass drops, and displays good instincts. Wraps up tackling and gives effort.

The Bad: Looks incredibly small on the field and really cannot get off blocks once opponent gets their hands on him. Relatively unproductive in pass coverage.

The Verdict: Despite his size, Curran plays big and fast on the field. He's a hard working defender with a passion for the game and a player who can produce at the next level in a variety of ways. Really best suited as a one gap defender, Curran could start at the next level if placed in the proper system.

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