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OLB Daryl Washington Scouting Report

OLB Daryl Washington, TCU
Pos. Rank: 4 Grade: 2nd Round Height: 6-1 1/2 Weight: 230 40: 4.58 Year: 4-Sr.

The Good: Explosive weak side linebacker whose game is on the rise. Breaks down well, quickly gets his hands up to protect himself, and makes plays in all directions of the field. Effectively collapses to the outside defending the run, immediately alters his angle of attack, and loses no momentum changing direction. Plays with a good degree of explosion, works hard get involved in the action yet remains disciplined with assignments. Gets depth on pass drops and shows ability playing over tight ends.

The Bad: Not forceful on the blitz. Struggles taking on blocks and gets caught up in the trash scraping laterally.

The Verdict: Washington is an athletic prospect who significantly improved his game the past two seasons. His size is a limiting factor, yet he'll offer possibilities in a one-gap defense and should be a special teams standout at the next level.

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