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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening Remarks: "Camp has been going well. We finished the other day with 11 straight installations. The players did a heck of a job with their work habits. We're pretty healthy, which is good though. Always want to see our precision just a little bit higher. We chase at perfection, and we have to continue to do that. We get better every day with great work habits and hard work. We'll be just fine going into the regular season, and then we have a preseason schedule here that we're just starting to prepare for tonight."

On how much G Shawn Andrews has missed by not being here: "I don't talk about the players who aren't here. The only thing I'll say, that I know that Coach (Andy) Reid has spent an awful lot of time with that situation. I'll talk about the players that are in camp here."

On how much better G Max Jean-Gilles has gotten since he's been working with the one's: "Max has taken advantage of his opportunity, and he has done an excellent job up-to-date. You win with guys like Max. Max is a fighter. He's a big strong, big effort. He loves to play the game, and when you love to play the game you're going to work hard, normally, and you're going to get better every day like we just talked about."

On whether Max has earned the starting job: "We're not even in the middle of training camp here. We're working to get better every day, and he's working to get better every day."

On whether it's going to be a competition for the starting job: "It's his job. We're right here (working with the players in camp). We're playing ball right here."

On what the benefits of live hitting are for an offensive lineman and whether it's going to hurt Andrews by not being here for any of that: "That is a negative, however, as you know there are many players that have caught up and caught up quick and usually those are the players that have some experience."

On what he wants to accomplish in the first preseason game: "There will be several things, and we've just started planning that out. There will be several things throughout the game. Some of the specifics will be as an offense. Some of the specifics will be certain individuals with very specific movements, with very specific assignments. That's the way we approach those preseason games."

On whether he's looking to see if RB Lorenzo Booker fits in with the one's during the preseason: "No not necessarily. There will be a little bit of that. I think we know exactly where he'll fit. It is an ongoing process, but we have a real good idea of how he specifically will fit in with us, and he's done an excellent job."

On Booker's route running ability: "He's an excellent route runner. He's got skills that wide receivers have. He's very good on his releases, very quick. His lateral movement is excellent. He's more physical than it appears at first glance."

On the kind of mismatches the offense has the ability to create: "I think that we have ample weapons to create mismatches. (RB Brian) Westbrook would be one and Booker, our two receivers (WR) Reggie (Brown) and (WR) Kevin (Curtis). Then, you have (TE) L.J. (Smith) inside. You have certainly (FB) Jason (Davis). (WR) Greg (Lewis) is really a good role player, and (WR) Hank (Baskett) does some things inside for us. We have some matchup situations that we may very well be able to take advantage of."

On whether he has ever coached an offense with the kind of skill that the backs have: "Yeah. However, I think Brian is elite. I had that one other time."

On whether he knew Booker was this good when they traded for him during the 2008 draft: "I know that we liked him coming out of the draft (in 2007). At that point I know (General Manager) Tom and (Head Coach) Andy (Reid) liked him very much there. We knew he had a chance of being pretty good. We'll see. We're right in the middle of training camp."

On whether Booker will get some touches this year: "Again, we're still early. If he keeps progressing then he'll be a factor in our offense."

On which of the young guys he'll be looking at on Thursday night: "All of our offensive linemen. There's a pretty good battle going on at the fullback spot, so there will be some specific things that we would need to see those players do. The tight end is another spot. Our receiver spot, there are some battles going on there. I know most of the guys that have been here pretty well. Certainly the new guys, we need to get them some opportunities at some point in the preseason."

On whether RB Jason Davis and FB Luke Lawton will run with the one's: "We haven't quite gotten there. Andy will do that, as you know, at some point this week. He'll tell you exactly how we're going to play. We've got a plan, but we haven't put the stamp on it yet."

On how the competition at the fullback position has gone so far: "Well, Luke (Lawton) – and (FB) Jed (Collins) is in there too. Jed's pushing them, so all three are doing very well. They are all pushing each other. Jason certainly has sort of the upper hand right now because of his experience within our offense. We've got four preseason games to go here, so all three of those players will have ample opportunity."

On how many receivers they will keep: "We'll be flexible there and try to keep the best players for the football team who can help our football team win games. There certainly are some battles. The thing is that all of them are just a little bit different from each other. One may be able to help our offense in one way and another receiver help our offense in a completely different way, so they are fighting pretty hard to show just how much they can help us there."

On what he specifically wants to see from the fullbacks: "Going into the game those players will know exactly what we are looking for there."

On how far along WR DeSean Jackson is: "He's done a fine job up-to-date. He missed a couple of days, and you could tell when he came back that he missed those couple of days. Now, he was in installations, but he didn't get the reps here, so when one of those plays was called that he didn't get those reps at, you could tell. He's done a fine job up-to-date. He's progressed in about as fast as I've seen in a receiver. He's pretty smart now, real smart. So he's done a fine job up-to-date. Again it's early, and we'll see how this thing goes. If he keeps progressing, he'll have some opportunities with us."

On what role he sees DeSean having in the offense: "We certainly have some thoughts there. It's so early, and we've got so much time here, and he's got so much hard work left to do that we'll see on that. It could be a small role or it could be a little bit bigger role."

On how QB Kevin Kolb has looked so far this camp: "He's done a fine job, again up-to-date. He's still progressing. He's going, most all of his snaps, most of them are with the two offense going against our one defense, and our one defense is pretty good. He's going through that. Many cases during practice it will be a hard type practice. He'll be harassed. He'll have to move a little bit more than normal. He'll have to make tighter throws, and in the long run that's good for him. That's where he's at right now, and we have to keep him going."

On what FB Luke Lawton and FB Jed Collins bring to the offense: "Luke is right in the middle of learning this offense, so when he gets comfortable with his assignments and the techniques and the fundamentals, because it's a little bit different than he's been accustomed to, at that point then his natural ability will show, but we're just getting to that point here. I would expect in the next week or two he would be fine, and then with the next preseason game coming up he can really focus in on some certain things, so we'll be able to see him and get a better evaluation there. Jed is very smart. Fundamentally he's really pretty good. He's big. He's not as fast as the other two, but he's very consistent at both the run and the pass coming out of the backfield."

On whether it is important to have a bigger back as the third guy: "(RB) Correll (Buckhalter) is a big back. (RB) Tony (Hunt) is a big back. There is competition there throughout the running back, and (RB) Ryan Moats is a physical guy. Ryan is a little bit like Brian, he's a little shorter than you'd think but much bigger. He and Brian are put together, and they are physical type backs. Correll is valuable to our offense at this point, yes. He's just a strong physical runner and is a pretty good change up."

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