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Offense Reacts To Wentz's Big Day


Rookie quarterback Carson Wentz made his NFL debut on Sunday, starting for the Eagles and leading the way to victory, defeating the Cleveland Browns 29-10. Wentz was spectacular, throwing for 278 yards and two touchdowns. No moment seemed too big for the rookie.

After the game, players around him in the locker room reacted to the rookie's big day ...

TE Zach Ertz

•    "It was very impressive for him to go out there and put together a complete game."

•    "We have a lot to improve on, but I thought Carson did an unbelievable job today."

•    "I think that everyone was kind of doubting us because he was a rookie quarterback, but we knew what we had in the building all along with Carson. He's a special, special player and he didn't play like a rookie today by any means. To go out there and start with eight days notice and to have no turnovers speaks volumes about his play."

TE Brent Celek

•    "I thought he did great. First game as a rookie, I don't know how you can do much better than that. We got a win and that's all that really matters. He made great decisions. He was calm in the huddle. It was awesome."

WR Jordan Matthews

•    "Carson's biggest asset is how he competes against himself."

•    "He has a maturity about him that even if it's not crunch time, he's always treating it like it is. So then when you come out to the game, he goes and plays and it's easy for him. His motto is 'AO1,' Audience of One, so he doesn't let any of the outside stuff affect him. He hones in on what he needs to do and he goes out there and perfects his craft. I really wasn't all the surprised, but at the same time you don't want to gas up the situation. You want to come back down and get back to work."

WR Nelson Agholor

•    "He's a special player. I think he'll talk for himself, but I think a lot of what he does is credited to hard work, preparation and beliefs."

•    "All I know is he's a great football player and he's a great competitor. That's what it comes down to with being poised like that. He understands what the game is going to be. He's going to take some hits and make some great plays and he's ready for that moment."

WR Josh Huff

•    "He played exactly how I knew he was capable of playing."

•    "He didn't handle himself as a rookie. He went in there he knew what he wanted from his offense and he demanded it."

T Lane Johnson

•    "I think he took the team by the reins. It's his team now. He did a good job for his first week. I'm proud of him and it's on to the next. It feels good to get the first win of the season."

The Eagles will travel to Chicago next, where Wentz will lead the way as they will take on the Bears for a Monday Night Football showdown.

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