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No Pain, No Gain For The CBs

Injuries have piled up for the cornerbacks in recent days.

Nnamdi Asomugha suffered a neck injury at the end of Training Camp. Curtis Marsh was sidelined with a hamstring injury. Joselio Hanson has persevered despite a dislocated finger. With three preseason games to play in the next 12 days, the players are showing their toughness and playing through the pain.

Last Monday, Asomugha collided with safety Nate Allen as both defensive backs attempted to intercept an underthrown ball in a 7-on-7 drill. He ended up lying on the ground for several minutes before being carted off the field.

Luckily for both Asomugha and the Eagles, he had nothing more than a sore neck and a lacerated lip from the incident. He says his lip is "less painful each day," and his neck is improving.

"The neck's better. It's definitely better," Asomugha said. "I'm still getting treatment every day on it. We're just making sure there are no issues, but we took X-rays, the X-rays were fine. It's just the pain down the spine kind of lingered a little bit longer than I thought it would."

Asomugha said that if the game were played Friday, he might not have been able to play, but by Monday he expects to be good to go.

Marsh missed a few days earlier this week with a hamstring injury, but after missing only a couple of practices, he was right back out there competing on Thursday.

"(My hamstring) feels great," Marsh said. "It felt great (Friday)."

He added that he would "definitely" be able to play on Monday night versus the New England Patriots. Despite missing some time while nursing his hamstring injury, he feels very prepared.

"I've watched every single practice. I haven't missed a meeting. I haven't missed an install. I've been with the defense and secondary throughout the whole installation process, so I know all the calls," Marsh said. "Now the key is just getting back under my feet, getting my wind back, getting my technique right, and getting ready to go out and play."

Marsh understands that injuries are just a part of the game. Playing with the second-team defense, he knows he's always one snap away from being called upon to step in and perform.

"When I come in, I feel like it has to be no different and I have to help the team and make even more plays," he said. "That's what I feel like I will do and that's what I look forward to doing in the future when I get the chance."

Marsh is using these games "to get better."

"Go all out, learn from them and become a better football player," Marsh said. "This is the time where you get better and the season is when you go out and you execute and you win football games for your team."

Hanson has been with the Eagles since 2006, yet every year it seems he is fighting for a spot on the roster. This year is no different.

Dislocating his right pinky finger during Thursday's practice was not going to be enough to keep him off the field on Friday.

"I haven't played a game with it yet, but (on Friday) I was trying to stay away from it," Hanson said. "We're just trying to work my foot game right now. At the game, I'll be ready to bang it around a little bit."

Last preseason, the question at the cornerback position was how to best use three Pro Bowl players, having an abundance of talent with Asomugha,  Rodgers-Cromartie and Asante Samuel. This preseason, it's clear that Asomugha and Rodgers-Cromartie will be the two starters, but the competition for the next few spots is far from over.

The injuries won't stop coming, but the cornerbacks on this Eagles team won't let the injuries stop them from playing the game and fighting for a chance to make the team.

"When the game comes, I'm going for it all," Hanson said. "I'm trying to win this game and play great. I'll worry about (the pain) after the game."

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