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No Deal Yet For Maclin

Head coach Andy Reid said negotiations continue with first-round pick Jeremy Maclin, but nothing has been agreed upon or signed.

"I think it's important for the rookies to be here on time," Reid said. "Any day you miss puts you behind.

"Jeremy was just getting used to this offense (at the end of the minicamps). He worked with Donovan (McNabb) in Arizona. I still think he needs extra work from a team perspective."

Reid said DeSean Jackson benefitted greatly from being in camp on time a year ago.

"DeSean being here last year I think helped him when he had the opportunity. When he was given that opportunity to step in as a starter, he was ready," Reid said. "I think these three days give you a chance to narrow the learning process, those first three days of the veteran camp when you're also being asked to hit and you're in full uniform and so on. You're not going through that whole thinking process quite as strenuously as you would if you're not here."

-- Posted by Bob Kent, July 26, 5:12 p.m.

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